More than a pinch of salt – don’t need a new religion

If a person really took the time to see how many things the scientist has to accept without proof, take for granted, assume and believe, then whenever such a scientist would make a statement or theory about a history that had no intelligent witnesses (no one was there), or a object no human can reach or properly interact with …. if all oceans and seas of the world were to run dry and only their salt remain, that still wouldn’t be enough for that person to swallow such a statement or theory, much less take it as true.

So, please, excuse me if I don’t clap like a seal or dolphin whenever the world’s accepted scientists tell us about stuff that was supposed to happen billions, millions, or tens of thousands of years ago or thousands to billions of light years away. I don’t get much of a feeling of awe when I watch people stroke their own egos with speculation.

Evidence is like dots on a page. Imagination, whether based on experience or not, draws a picture out of those dots. But only the person who created the picture knows for sure what the picture should really be.


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