Not knowing the question

A common but essentially nonsense argument by God-rejecters: if there was a God, then why ….? You can fill the gap with almost anything. Why is there war? Why isn’t this like this? Why didn’t he make us perfect? Why the colour blue?

But just stop and think. Let’s understand exactly what we’re saying. If a Being created everything, the entire universe and everything in between, time, space, galaxies, created life, designed not only the physical elements and body but also the non-physical, the immaterial, things the human mind can barely grasp ….

Compare that to the human, the flimsy, the fallible, the limited, the in-comparison-t­o-the-universe absolutely nothing, the mind of a human in comparison with the universe is less than that of an ant, a species who is so arrogant that every generation he thinks he’s figured it out, and then the next generation comes and believes the past generation to be wrong and that he has figured it out, and then the next generation comes and believes the past generation has it wrong and he now has it right, and on and on, a species trapped in a small insignificant (supposedly) corner of the universe and can’t go any further outwards, who can only mess around with the elements he knows like a 6 month old child fumbling with a rubix cube, our lifespan no more than a sneeze, which should impact the universe as a single speck of dust impacts a sun (i.e., no effect) ….

Sorry, but those God-rejecters ain’t qualified to ask the question. The fact that they ask the question shows they don’t understand the question.


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