The atheistic idolator

Speaking of idolatry, I’ve noticed that it’s exceptionally rare to find an atheist or a God-rejecter who has actually dealt with or rejected the God of the Jewish Bible as He is described in the Bible. In fact, I haven’t met with one yet that has.

Now don’t get me wrong. These people have a lot of arguments that they think goes against the Biblical God, but most occasions they end up doing two things that essentially mean they are arguing against something else. Firstly, they reduce God to something or someone limited or material, something created by the universe or man. Secondly, they put human judgment above God’s. But in both cases, they are arguing against something that is not the Creator of the universe. The God described in the Jewish Bible created the universe and therefore isn’t part of it, not limited nor material. God is best described as “beyond” or “transcendent” or simply “other,” since He can’t be compared to anything material or part of a universe He created. And the Creator of the universe, as described in the Bible, is not under man’s judgement as He is the absolute authority and standard for morality and knowledge. Once you’ve reduced God, whatever you’re left with isn’t God. [this is also why believing that God was in the form of a man or a tree or any created thing at any time is ridiculous]

You see what these God-rejecters essentially do in the way they talk about the “god” they have something against. For example, some say God is dead. But how can that make sense when God created life and death? He isn’t affected by either. [And where would you find the body anyway? – please note, God doesn’t have a body as he doesn’t have such limits.] Some say God doesn’t exist because there is evil in the world. But He is the standard of morality. Without Him, nothing is evil in the objective sense. It’s a bit like someone breathing out arguments against the existence of air. Without air, there’s no argument because you’d be dead! Some call him some old man in the sky. What do age and location and human nature have to do with a Being beyond time and space? Some say that certain things God does doesn’t make sense or doesn’t match their morality. But since God isn’t human, why would they expect Him to think like a human? And since He created morality and is its standard, their morality becomes kinda irrelevant.

You see, the real problem with atheists and other God-rejecters is that they are very much like idolators, people who worship idols. They set up straw men, call that straw man “God” and then burn it down and think that they’ve refuted God’s existence.


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