The real pain of rejecting God

You have to empathize (feel for and understand) for the person who rejects God and becomes atheist because of some severe pain of injustice they saw and experienced in their life, maybe even from religion. I’m not talking about the atheist that uses war and pain as an excuse, but rather one for whom the very mention of God or religion seems to touch an open still-fresh wound in their heart. Such a person doesn’t need prayer per se; they need good examples and compassion, if they still allow it.

But their condition is made worse by the fact that they chose atheism to escape injustice and immorality, atheism, a worldview which has no absolute standard for morality and thus right and wrong become as subjective and meaningless. Since there is no source for the supernatural, actions and feelings are essentially reduced to chemical reactions, expressions of amoral matter and energy, no more good or evil than a wave crashing again some rock. Or it just comes down to humans to dictate to you what is right or wrong which is purely a matter of subjective opinion, again meaningless.

So to escape injustice and immorality of past events, they ran to a worldview that cannot justifiably recognize any immorality or injustice in their past events. What is strange is that even in such an amoral worldview they still believe something wrong actually happened to them.

They may say that atheists are moral but that’s similar to a successful thief saying he’s rich or someone who inherits from such a thief saying the same thing. It’s like the old British Empire saying it possesses many lands abroad. Atheism, by nature, doesn’t generate objective morality and cannot even account for the existence of such a thing: it steals it from the God-centred system.


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