The scientifist idolator (yes, I said scientifist)

These days the line between science and religion is blurred and very thin, if there is any line at all. In our culture, we are brainwashed into thinking that statements are only credible if they are scientific, if a group of people called scientists have laid their hands on certain claims and given their blessing to it. Questions are asked of scientists that they are not qualified to make like about the nature of humanity or morality or the origins of the universe. They have become the priests of this modern culture.

It’s funny considering that science cannot give you truth. It is a tool that is as good or as bad and just as limited as the person using it. Scientists are just as biased and religious as anyone of us and those biases can dictate how evidence is dealt with. Having a bunch of scientists agree on something is no better than any religious gathering making peer review (where someone’s work or ideas are check by others to see if it meets a requirement) something that has nothing to do with truth, but whether it agrees with what is popular to the group. That’s not much different to what many religions do when they accept teachings as orthodox or acceptable.

It just goes to show that people always want a religion, something that has the answers for the questions of “who I am” and “what is my life worth” and so on and so on. It’s just that the religion of today is scientism, the belief that science (or more properly, scientists – fellow humans) has the answers to the important questions.

But it is like the idolatry of old: we ask questions of things that are inadequate, unqualified and fundamentally incompetant to answer.


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