The spirit of Christmas

A parent, a relative or a friend works their hard earned money, takes whatever time to look for a present for a child. They finda way to wrap up that gift to make it look special and put it under a tree or in a sock/stocking. The child finds such a present on whatever part of this xmas season, opens it, and is then encouraged to give thanks to Santa for giving such presents.

Understand that! People are encouraged to teach such deception and say that it is worth “the laughter on the face of the child.” They say it’s ok because the kids find out later in life (if they live that long). They lie to the children after doing the hard work, robbing the children of learning the importance of truth and of proper gratitude (giving thanksto the person who actually deserves), just so the kids can have a laugh! Isn’t that a twisting of values? Isn’t that crapping on good sense? Can’t peoplehave enough fun actually enjoying and respecting one another and being grateful to the real giver?

Never be fooled into thinking that the spirit of idolatry is dead!


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