We wanted crime, so we got it.

Governments can’t stop crime. More laws won’t stop crime. Crime and immorality can only stop when people on a whole hate crime and immorality enough and society holds criminals on a much lower level, rather than speaking bad of them in one moment and then glorifying them in the media, on movies and video games and such in the next moment. It’s not the movies and video games that wrong in themselves, but the mindset we have when we see the actions they portray as just good fun, just entertainment. We tolerate gossip in magazines and behind each other’s backs, but have something against slander legally and premeditated murders, whether of people or reputations. This society is so tolerant that sometimes criminals get the royal treatment, but then we complain that life is so insecure and uncertain. We tolerate capitalism where everyone just gets what they can to the point where theft, lying and cheating seems almost legal. And that’s not even the half of it!

Let’s be honest. Crime doesn’t stop because we don’t want it to. The things our society tolerates is fuel for the worst things to happen. And there is no way that a so-called “standard”, a legal system is just a group of human beings telling another human being what to do, can really fix the mess we’re in. And the moral minefield where everyone has their own personal morality only gives license for anything to happen.

We wanted a society where everyone can do what they want. That’s what we’ve got.


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