In response to a dream ..

Had a dream last night. I was on a radio show. An atheist called in, sneering how he couldn’t understand how religious people try to use logic, as if the conviction that there needed to be a First Cause and Intelligence to start, create and design the universe and all that is in it somehow destroys a person’s faculty or ability to think logically or rationally. There was a commercial break after he asked his question and before the end of that break I woke up. But I still wanted to give my response, so here it is.

“You’re not going to like this answer, but I give it not to convince you, but rather to just give an answer, something to just encourage someone out there that there is no stupidity or irrationality in knowing that there is a First Cause Who created and sustains the universe.

The dogmatic atheist or someone who despises your worldview will make it seem as if logic and rationality is only found in their atheism or skepticism. But if you really think about it, you really look at the basis of a godless worldview, you’ll realise that this is the opposite of the real situation. In fact, don’t focus too much on them, but focus on how God has revealed himself to the Jews, focus on God Himself, and you should see that the absence of Him means a baseless and parasitic (couldn’t think of a better word) worldview.

God doesn’t reveal Himself as a capricious, whimsical being like the gods of the Greeks and Romans that just reflect human nature. From the beginning He showed Himself as creating order, setting limits, giving certain roles and responsibilities, giving laws, like a purposeful builder. And this God is the First Cause, the basis of existence itself. And His authority as the Creator of all is universal, not being limited by his creations: time and space. On this basis, we can have laws of logic and rationality, order and truth, where its not all just subjective opinion where one person says one rule of rationality and another gives contradictory one and there being no hope of a real answer, because there is a truth that is beyond us, over us, which applies to us which we merely discover. We were purposefully and intelligently created and built by a trustworthy Source, minds, hearts and all. With this sort of Deity, this sort of God, there is a solid basis for logic and even morality to be true regardless of culture. It doesn’t say that we’ll necessarily recognize it or even accept it. But it’s there! We can at least trust our thoughts.

Now take away that basis. There’s no first cause, no such God. There is no truth objective outside of our personal perceptions of the world around us. There is just matter and energy as far as we can perceive it. And a universe based purely on matter and energy can’t account for the consistent relationships between the matter and energy which are neither matter or energy; people call them laws of nature. And all that we see in the universe is change, from life to death, the downward slope of decay. Nothing stays the same. We are just purposeless constructs of matter and energy, each different from one another, grouped together by a certain shape that other purposeless constructs don’t have. Our brains formed by stupid, unintelligent forces since we can’t really prove anything much less that some unknown alien being made what? Some mutating pondscum? In everyday life, who would trust the handiwork of a brainless idiot? If an idiot appeared to build a machine, like a car, then a normal person wouldn’t trust that contraption at all. Nature has no mind, no purpose, and is said to have developed our brains over billions of years. That’s trustworthy??? What then is logic? Whah is the basis for logic in an everchanging unintelligent purposeless universe?

Listen, the argument that “it works” is no more valid than a thief claiming that his sort of dishonesty pays his bills. The question isn’t whether a person does it and whether it works for them. It’s where does it come from ultimately and why on earth trust it? And the argument that it worked in the past is only circular and meaningless because the future is not the past and things are not exactly the same now as they have been, so on what basis can we trust it now? And what authority does it have anyway, because all I can say is I don’t give a damn about it and do and think what I want based on anything that I want, screw the consequences. It makes no ultimate difference rejecting logic since we are all destined to die. Added to that, even logic and rationality have basic assumptions that are not based on logic or rationality that have to be taken for granted and believed in. So you just have to assume something is true without even knowing if it’s true. It’s almost a game where you pick a few basic rules and see how far you can go. Pick another set of basic rules and you have another sort of game. But neither game is actually true or known to be true, it’s just pure entertainment, a distraction from the emptiness and hopelessness of the situation. It’s a structure that, in the godless worldview, has no real basis, hovering on supposedly. Logic and rationality and their authority don’t spring naturally from a godless worldview.

You see atheism didn’t innovate or make a new system called logic, rationality or science. Godlessness was born in theistic environment, like a rebellious child that took everything it could from its parents and the impetuously and arrogantly claims that the taken items never belonged to its parents in the first place. Like so many atheistic creation myths and stories, it asks for a free lunch, asks you to assume that this, this, and this is true, with no compelling reason, and then proceeds to paint such a well-crafted story that will cheat you out of your own rich inheritance.

No, you, the atheist, won’t like my answer. If you’re convinced that there is no basis for reality and things “just are”, then I can’t break your love affair with words. But I hope someone reads this and listens to this and sees your worlview and its basis for what it is, what it can only be: a beggar living off stolen riches. Only with God as a first cause, as the First Cause, can there be any basis, trust or authority to logic and rationality. No, being being a conscious, thinking follower of the one true God is not a contradiction in terms and God is not a rejection of thought, rationale and logic, but the very basis of it.”


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