Bringing heaven to earth

There is a saying I’ve seen online: keep 7, go to heaven.” Its originator may have meant and intended well. But the focus is wrong.

Yes, it is said in the ancient Jewish writing that the righteous amongst the nations will have a place in the world to come. But why get hung up on that? In some ways, it’s no better than the belief in other religions that you are good in this life just to escape to another place.

Just read the earthiness of the Torah and the Hebrew Bible. Its purpose is rectification and repair of this world, not escape into the next. In much the same way, the purpose of the 7 commands of God for gentiles is to make a civilised society in this world, not simply to dream of somewhere else after death.

So the phrase, keep 7; go to heaven, is a good part of the story. But an important part of our responsibility and role on earth can be reflected thus: keep 7, help bring heaven to earth.


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