10 Years Without Christianity – Part 2

Interview on UK Noahide blog, presented by Hesedyahu

Hesedyahu: Hi guys. So we’re continuing our interview with David Dryden, a guy who walked away from following Jesus about 10 years ago. We’re coming up to that 10 year mark in a few months, so I thought I would interview the guy, see where he’s coming from, what makes him the man he is now. So, hi David.

David: Hi there.

Hesedyahu: So where did we stop last time? Oh yeah. So you summarized why not agnosticism or atheism, which you called what?

David: God rejection.

Hesedyahu: Yeah. So even if you reject that way of thinking, there are plenty of gods to choose from, plenty of religions that you could have chosen. Why the God of the Jews?

David: I’d prefer the question, why the God that revealed Himself to the Jews? Your question is … errr …. not well phrased. There aren’t plenty of gods out there. There are plenty of ideas. There are plenty of religions and worldviews other than that of atheism. But the God that revealed Himself to the Jews, to Israel, made a historical statement. He …

Hesedyahu: A historical statement?

David: Yeah. If you don’t interrupt like that, then I’ll explain.

Hesedyahu: Sorry. Carry on.

David: So this God made a historical statement. He revealed Himself to a whole nation of people. Around 3 million witnesses. That is their only history. That was the only thing that was passed down as national history, not myth! There are no historical counter-stories from that time. From what I know of the history of the Jews, it was always taken as history. All the books of Jewish history is based on this revelation. Other religions were based on an individual claim or a claim of a small group, based on a person’s mental journeys or “enlightenment.” Even But God’s interaction with Israel is … well … as close to a historical fact as you can find.

Hesedyahu: How could you call it fact if it is so disputed? Many would argue that the book you refer to that records God’s revelation was either written purely by man, a work of imagination, a tradition so twisted by history and politics that you can’t take it seriously, that there were actually between 2 to 6 or more writers whose works got melded into that one book. What do you say about all that?

David: Before I left christianity, and especially after that I was challenged by people who held to these theories and beliefs, people who give the Torah all sorts of authors, from the Illuminati to ignorant shepherds. In a lot of ways it’s like a lot of the stories and accusations that have been pinned on the Jews: opposite and contradictory, with some accusing them of one sort of thing and another set accusing of the exact opposite. Was it the intelligentsia, the Illuminati? Or was it stupid, backward shepherds and farmers? [David chuckles to himself]

But I’m not going to get off point.

What we have in reality is a concrete document and a people who have historically possessed the tradition regarding it. That’s what we have in reality. The theories that people have made up and constructed regarding the book and the history is just that: made up. Whether it be the Documentary Hypothesis (or the JEPD theory or the Wellhausen theory) or the notion that a group of politicians got together and constructed the book to control the people or the idea that it was once a simpler little story that got extended and miracles added to it, no matter what theory or belief they come up with, that theory has no real history beyond a few centuries, thousands of years after the book was actually written. Not one of these theorists watched the book being written. Not one of these theorists have the original 4 or however many documents that were made into the Torah. No one in ancient history left a clear, uncontestable message saying “hey guess what, this is how the book was really written.” They don’t have the hard and fast evidence. They just have their presuppositions, most of them assuming that there is no God, and highly suspect conclusions based on that.

Israel have a history, and they have a historical tradition, something passed through families until now. They have a lot more than the baseless theories of the nay-sayers. Of course, it’s a shame that the secular and baseless way of thinking has seeped into the Israeli youth. Many have them have chosen to think like the “scholars” of the nations. But when I look at the relatively short history of these theories, I’m better off sticking with a national history with a nationally witnessed, easily understood relevation, a one-off interaction between such a mass of people and the Creator of heaven and earth.

Hesedyahu: You wanted to refer to a source to get more understanding on your way of thinking?

David: Yes. I would just like to add that I’m not saying that this is the magic bullet that will prove things to a God-rejecter. This is about my path, not theirs. And once a person is fully invested in rejecting God for one reason or another, He could stand right in front of their face and they would still reject Him in one way or another. There are many different evidences of the existence of God and the God as revealed to Israel.

One resource I would point two is http://www.chabad.org, especially these artices:



And another rabbi that has been a great help to me, even though he may not even know I exist, is Rabbi Dovid Gottlieb. His great book, Living Up to the Truth, was really helpful and can be found here:


Hesedyahu: Wow, I can’t believe we’ve talked so much and we haven’t even hit upon the more crucial questions like why you left chrsitianity. But I’m afraid that’s all the time we have for now. I’ll start focusing more on that subject and hopefully many more as this interview continues. Thanks for now.



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    Very interesting. Thanks for this.

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