You matter!

It is true that God has a special love for the Jewish people. They have a powerful covenant that is fervent like fire: when they keep God’s commandments (and they have in the past) their fire burns as a light for the whole world to see the truth of the One True God; when they forsake that pact with God, the fire turns on them. And yet they are an eternal people.

But, gentiles – and I do mean gentiles, not just “noahides” – every human is a recipient of God’s love. Don’t be deceived into thinking that we are just second-class citizens, as some liar will tell you. The seven commandments we have – actually seven broad categories of law – are ways that we can be bound to the One who gave the commandments, and through them we can do our bit to rectify the world. We have a purpose, a sanctity to our lives and existence because we bear the image of the Divine. But we have to take our responsibility seriously and take up the commands that our Divine Commander has given. Then we can fulfil that purpose.

Never belittle your part in the divine scheme of things or pay any mind to those who would try to. The fact that you exist means that not only do you have a purpose, but more importantly that God has a purpose for you. Keep God’s law for you as best you can and do what you can where you are and you are making that much needed positive difference in the world.

You matter. You matter to God.


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