Stranger: So don’t you support democracy?

Me : I don’t support democracy as a form of government.

Stranger : So what would you prefer? A tyrant?

Me : What makes you think I don’t live under a tyranny.

Stranger : Well, it’s all about majority vote, isn’t it? Everyone gets a vote, so everyone gets a say.

Me : Not well thought out. If no party represents my views, then what say do I have? If all parties have positions that violate my most highly held values, then for me it’s not the lesser of two or more evils. It’s all bad at the root. Whichever one rules, I have to live under their rule. That’s a form of tyranny. And even if I were to vote and have a say, the fact is that one group of people will outvote another and their choice is the one that has power, not the ones who disagreed. So again, there is a form of tyranny: a tyranny of the majority. And even then, it’s not as if I’m making choices about individual policies. I would have to choose someone who holds many policies, many of which I had nothing to do with what I believe. Normally what I’m voting for is for this person to represent me. If my vote wins, it is not me who speaks for this person who has to speak for me and other people that I may not necessarily agree with. And since this person is not me, but has his own agenda, he is essentially speaking for himself. Essentially, I’m not voting to have control, but for someone else to take control from me. And if my vote doesn’t win, someone else who I didn’t want gets to speak and he has the honesty of not even pretending to represent me (even though a lot of these politicians will speak in terms of representing their whole area, even those that didn’t want them, so it seems like a bunch of crap anyway).

So either way, there’s always a tyranny, always a voice getting crushed, always a responsibility and control that gets taken away. Real political power seems to remain with the same sort of people. And as my worldview is opposed to theirs in a fundamental way, I have to live under their tyranny. I know, in many ways it’s a lot more comfortable than other tyrannies, but it is still a tyranny and it still places part of the well-being of myself and my family in peril. A person who slips a poison into someone’s food, even if not fatal to the whole body, is still an enemy.

Stranger : But come on, isn’t this the best that we have? Shouldn’t you just use what we have as best you can?

Me : If I were at a restaurant, and the waiter came to me, placed a plate of dog crap before me and said “sorry, sir, that’s the best we have” even if it were true, that doesn’t obligate me to start eating.

Stranger : Well, if you’re not part of the process, then you don’t really have a say.

Me : Not really. The government still give themselves the authority to take my money in the form of taxes. They still enforce their brand of education of my children. As much as our worlds collide and coincide, which is a lot, I still have a say. And as I’ve said at another time, even saying nothing says something.


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