Baby Steps

In this world, there are so many voices telling us to “believe as I believe.” It’s almost as if any mistakes in your belief system makes you evil. Although there is an ideal in God’s law, that everyone comes to a proper understanding of him, in the meantime we have to do the best we can. We may not be able to convince every atheist that atheism is fundamentally foolish. We may not be able to convince every idolator that idol worship is foolish. But every little way we can influence a person to change their actions for the better, even that in itself can improve the world a little bit. Maybe that can be a doorway for much more, but most times we can never know.

There is a simple superficial level to the laws of Noah, a level that may not on its own give access to all of the possibilities open to a gentile, but at the very least it can change a person for the better. And therefore it can change the world for the better as well. Just the plain noahide prohibitions, to give a person a glimpse at the way to follow one aspect of these can go a long way. The plain prohibitions do not include a command to acknowledge the Creator, but can lead a person closer to that direction by at least having their actions coincide with divine law. A person can only go so far when it comes to helping someone else change long-held fundamental beliefs, the invisible aspects of life. But there are many aspects of the practical parts of God’s Law that lend themselves a bit more to man’s understanding, something akin to the mythical “common sense”. This can be the platform for a positive change in an individual and, thus, the world.

Let’s just do what we can. Live by example. And study God’s law to the point that we can speak it even to fools, and they see the sense in it!


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