Vote for an unjust government/system – Hell No!

I’ve been learning more and more about the system that I live under. I’ve begun to apply my worldview to the acts and edicts of the government and its departments and its police-force. And more and more and more, I find that it would be against my own foundational principles to vote for a political party or speak positively of a system and/or government such as the one I currently live under. What follows is my describing how the system I live under adamantly fights against and is opposed to my foundational principles and why, in light of that, it would be immoral for me to put my vote or voice behind any current political party.

Hell no!

When I’ve spoken to others on the subject, they’ve mentioned other issues such as the amount of money the government would spend on police, what its foreign policy would be, some government reforms, what one party would do about immigration and the funding for schools, etc, etc. But the most fundamental requirement of a person’s choice in policy, party or government is whether they measure up to God’s minimal standards.

And I’ve said it once, and now I’ll say it again but with additional information.

Most of the governments we live under, if not all, and the parties that fight to become government actively work against the Noahide Commandments. What are the Noahide Commandments? God’s most basic requirements for Gentiles, all the peoples outside of the covenant of Israel/Moses. To go against these most basic of God’s commandments spells our doom.

In another place, I spoke about voting, how it seems almost a sin to support a system that overtly legislates against the Noahide Commandments. It is only because it seems like a personal interpretation of the command of Courts of Justice (Dinim) that I don’t outrightly call it a sin according to the seven commands. But here are the ways that our governments in one way or another break the 7 commandments. I’ll go according to the Talmudic order.

Dinim (Courts of Law, Social Justice): They don’t uphold the other six laws and they make laws that contradict almost all of them. No fear of God in their law making. Courts of law do not give justice too many times, the judges and lawyers work in order to get paid as opposed to seeking justice (not universal but quite rampant). Police corruption and abuse of power is rampant (not universal), e.g., the police will over-stretch or make up legislation to kidnap/arrest people or use their office or threat of force too unjustly obtain obedience from populace. The government makes capital punishment illegal.

Birkat HaShem (Cursing the Name): Laws of free speech make blasphemy legal and unpunishable.

Avodah Zarah (Idolatry): Freedom of religion makes idolatry both legal and protected.

Forbidden Sexual Partners: Adultery is not illegal. Same sex acts are held to an equal level to heterosexual acts and thus is legal and protected. Same sex marriages are now accepted and legal.

Murder: Abortion (with no risk to mother’s life) is legalized. Patients who are “brain-dead” can have their organs removed to donate to others, which results in the death of the patient.

Theft [This section I was unsure of before]: They legalize the theft of children from parents for issues that have no relation to the 7 laws (social/child services). They and their councils legalize the theft of people’s homes, vehicles and possessions. I don’t know enough about taxation to know if this involves theft.

Eating meat removed from a living animal: Unsure.

Now this is what people support whenever they voted for the vast majority of political parties. This is what they put their voice behind. And in exchange for what? The non-essentials? Some may say that without freedom of religion and freedom of speech, we wouldn’t be able to share our views. But does breaking God’s commands or legalizing its transgression make this justified? I don’t believe it does.

You see, I seriously question why those who say they observe the 7 commandments are so invested in our current system enough to support systems that guarantee the transgression of such laws and to support the continuance of such a system. If it is an obligation from God to set up authorities or courts that uphold the 7 laws, how can the following be justified?

Torah observant gentile: Do you uphold the seven commands?

Political party: No. In fact, a lot of those “commands” we abolish through our agenda. But we do have a good foreign policy and we’ll put more money into public education [you could put any policy here that is irrelevant to the 7 laws].

“Noahide”: Oh great. I want you in charge of my country then!

The usual response to my point of view will be to bring up the false proposition that the Muslims have a similar law to the noahide commandments, or to compare them to sharia laws (the almost tyrannical rule of Muslim governments, as if the tyranny of the western “democracies” was any more moral). What strikes me is how often challenges to our own systems (such as mine) under a western civilisation, to our own actions under this system is deflected to other systems we are not under, deflected using this sort of argument. What is ignored is that Muslim countries have their own sins, including the mutilation of the Dinim law, being unjust, violating parts of the laws against idolatry, creating and sustaining a novel religion, murder and unjustly damaging humans. It is unjust to make it seem as if Muslim countries keep most of the noahide laws, as if proximity to observance of noahide laws leads to such torturous systems of government and policing. But the fact is that to focus on Muslim governments is a distraction to the injustice done in our own lands by supporting parties who work against God’s law. In other words, why focus on them? Focus on your own situation!

I personally don’t know of a party that doesn’t want the abolition of some or most of the noahide commands one way or another. I don’t know why people remain almost programmed into such thinking as “I must vote”, especially in such a system as ours. It is as if people are brainwashed into thinking that if they don’t vote, they can no longer take part in the discussion regarding the mishandling and mismanagement of the governing of our lands, or they may think that they are spitting on their own rights and freedom. But that’s all myth. As long as government interacts with a person or does evil, that person has the natural and moral “right” and duty to speak against it. And if a person has a right to do a criminal or immoral act, such as lending their support to unjust system, then, once again, it is a duty to spit on such a “right”.

Here’s the thing I think is important and crucial: the seven commandments given by God to every gentile, they are not optionals. It is said in a fair amount of places that these commandments are the bedrock, the bare minimum of what we gentiles are meant to keep. We are not like the Jews who have more leniency with all of their commands. We don’t even have ignorance as a defense, at the very least for theft, murder, and sexual sins, but some say we can’t use ignorance for any of the basic seven. Once any of these are broken there is no protection without repentance. So where is there room for compromise? Where is there room to say a government or political party can legislate for actively breaking any of these commandments or have it in their agenda? Where is there room to compromise and say that you must use your vote to actively back any of these parties in their attempts to get power? Surely you have a choice to vote or not to vote irrespective of whether you become an activist or not, irrespective if you try to run for government or not.

You should be able to see through all this why I can’t give my voice or vote to support a party or government that does acts criminal according to God’s most basic commandments upon mankind. I will not give strength to the hand that puts a gun to the metaphorical head of our nation. I refuse to support with my voice or vote a system that will bring God’s condemnation.

I’m open to being corrected if I’m wrong on this. But I’ve yet to see a good argument using God’s law to show that we should support systems that actively contradict God’s law.

We shall see.


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