10 years without christianity – part 7

Hesediah: So it’s time again for our interview with David, a man who left christianity almost 10 years ago. In fact, in 2-3 days from now, it will be exactly 10 full years. That will be the evening of Passover. It’s been quite a journey, hasn’t it David?

David: Yes it has!

Hesediah: When we ended our last interview, you said something quite interesting. You said that, with regards to these “messianic prophecies” as claimed by christians, they were not looking for a messiah, but rather they were looking for Jesus. Would you care to elaborate on that?

David: Okay, I will give it a try. In our previous interviews, I defined what messiah was according to the Jewish Bible. To summarise, it was a future figure who was either a priest descended from Aaron, or it was a king who would rule in the manner of David or Solomon. Because of what the Jewish Bible says in other places, this was narrowed down to a king who rules in the manner of David or Solomon. Also what I had said previously is that the vast majority of the so called prophecies claimed by christians to point to Jesus were neither messianic nor prophecy. In other words these passages neither spoke clearly and overtly of a future king would rule in the manner of David or Solomon nor were they predictions about the future. So the question must be asked: what did the christians who compiled this list do differently?

It is obvious that they were not looking for clear texts about a messiah as defined by the Jewish Bible. So what were they looking for?

When you understand that these christians already had Jesus in mind when they were searching the Jewish Bible, it becomes apparent that they were only looking for texts that speak of something similar to what happened in Jesus’ life. The fact that they were willing to take verses out of their natural context shows that the agenda was not to let the Jewish Bible speak for itself, but rather to impose Jesus upon the text of the Jewish Bible. This would have been done with blind sincerity, believing that Jesus being messiah was already proven fact. But by essentially reading their christian bible backwards, or by putting their conclusions about Jesus before the actual reading of the Jewish Bible, they saw prophecies that were never there. By automatically equating Jesus with messiah, they missed the plain reading of the Jewish Bible and created “messianic prophecies” out of historical narratives, songs of praise, practically irrelevant passages. By reading the Jewish Bible backwards they, in essence, blinded themselves.

Hesediah: That is a hard pill to swallow, David.
David: Not really, Hesed. I gave you clear proofs in the previous interviews. and I believe I have a prime example of evidence of backwards reinterpretation by such christians: Isaiah 53!

Hesediah: You must be joking, right?

David: Nope! No joke whatsoever. Just think about the text. Think about what everything up to Isaiah 53 says or at least from Isaiah 40. Remember what a messiah actually is according to the Jewish Bible. Then just read Isaiah 53 as it is written. You will then notice that something amazingly obvious is missing!

Hesediah: OK. I will try that out and have it ready for our next interview. Is that okay with you?

David: That’s fine by me.

Hesediah: Okay readers. I guess we will have to wait and see for the next interview what David have to say about the juicy Isaiah 53. Until then, take care and have a good day.


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