Made in the image of man

So he came up up to me and said in perfect sincerity, “Did you know God took the form of a man, died, and came back to life?” He couldn’t understand why I laughed the statement to scorn. He told me it was a great sign of mercy and kindness for God to make such a show of love to save us. I told him, “Did you know that the number 10 used to considered infinite. No, not just a big number like one million. I mean they looked at 10 and said that it was a limited form of the limitless.” For some reason he didn’t believe me. I told him that I had a greater grasp of history and human culture than he did so I knew this occurred. And I challenged him to his face and asked him whether this belief was correct.

He said “maybe their numbering system allowed for it” not knowing he was being dishonest with numbers and reality. “No. I said. It was the same as ours.” I challenged him with the same question. “Maybe it could be correct …” he replied haltingly. Again he fought with his own gut knowledge to maintain the façade of openness. I told him “You’re a liar. You don’t truly believe a man was God. You say it. You’ve conditioned yourself to react positively when someone else says it. But there’s a good chance that some place deep inside knows that this belief is no mystery but is total rubbish and nonsense. It’s not Tertullian’s absurdity-means-belief idea. It’s plain wrong.”

Why 10 and infinity don’t meet

He spent a few moments trying to come up with a response and I stopped him. I said the following:

“Someone who tries really hard to believe a lie is a desperate person who worships his own needs above God. And a person that has grown comfortable with a lie is akin to an idolater. Let me tell you why it’s stupid to accept that 10 is infinity. The same would apply to any number. It is stupid because 10 has a place where it stops. You can count in finite numbers but once you reach 10 you’ve reached a limit. Whether you keep counting past 10 or you stop, you make a tacit, unspoken agreement that there is something beyond that number and thus it has no resemblance to infinity. There is nothing beyond infinity because it has no limit that can be surpassed.”

The distance between 10 and infinity

I continued:

“Also understand this! What is the distance, in number, between 10 and infinity? How long would it take to count down from infinity to 10?”

He shuffled his feet whilst waiting for my verbal impact.

“You know what I’m going to say, don’t you? Infinity will never reach 10 or any finite number you could think of. No number can reach infinite. 10 is infinitely far away from infinity. One million is infinitely far away from infinity. I mean just think about it. Really think about it. A number is a little finite thing. Each one has its limit. Whether it’s the number one, ten, or ten million, it is a limited number made of little finite parts. What does limitless have to do with limited? What does infinity have to do with finite? They’re in two different realms altogether. That’s why it doesn’t matter how much you count, you’re the very same distance from infinity: nowhere near whatsoever!

You don’t get it, do you? Or maybe you do? The reason why infinity can’t become finite isn’t because it is too hard or the distance is to great. It’s because they are totally opposite things. One thing is not the other and never can the two meet so that one becomes the other. Once infinity becomes finite it is no longer infinity.

Leaving the world of maths

Knowing that God is the Perfect Infinite, he is beyond our limitations totally. He is beyond the limits of his creation, everything in time and space. God is not any part of this universe. Although he has created ways for us to get some grasp of his reality, his truth, those revelations are still his creations. Even the spiritual world is his creation. He created everything. He is beyond creation, beyond time, beyond space.

So once you tell me a man was God or vice versa, you’ve basically said “limitless limit”. You’ve said you believe in a finite infinity. No, that’s no mystery. That is simply not real. It’s not worth the air you waste saying it. You’ve said you like the color “black white” especially when it’s in the shape of a square-circle. Your words mean nothing because they internally contradict themselves.

Now I haven’t even blemished Torah by using it to counter such base and distasteful notions. I haven’t quote Hoshea 11 where God says “I’m not a man”. I haven’t used Isaiah’s rhetorical questions in Isaiah 40 to show that nothing in creation is comparable to God. I haven’t told you to read and absorb Deuteronomy 4 to see that God warned Israel not to see him as any form or to worship any form because when He revealed himself to Israel they saw no form. I haven’t used Exodus 33 that says that no man can see him. I didn’t do that because it’s better to use what you know to show you the utter nonsense that you tried to sell me.”

The final attempts

I had to wonder whether anything had sunk into his head when he said, “But can’t you consider that God is above your understanding and that he can do anything?”

I shook my head in disappointment and continued.

“God in his essence is beyond anyone’s knowledge because he’s beyond the limitations of our words. But we’re not discussing his essence. We’re talking about the words you’re using to describe him, the doctrine you hold in comparison to reality and what God has clearly revealed in the foundational bedrock scriptures in the Jewish Bible and the Torah. Your words and doctrine fail because they contradict themselves with regards to the normal usage of words, and because they contradict the clear teaching of the Jewish Bible. So don’t shift the subject.

“But the new testament teaches us that Jesus is God,” he gasped.

“No place in the new testament says outrightly that Jesus was God,” I bit back. “Not even John 1:1! You and your denomination choose to interpret it like that because you already believe it, even the new testament calls him a man. And even if it did, the new testament isn’t an authority by itself because it must agree with the Jewish Bible and Torah. If it doesn’t, and your belief doesn’t, then it should be cast into the trash. Just because some ancient christian stuck the “new testament” at the end of the Jewish Bible and put both in the same book, that doesn’t mean that they both have the same level of authority. They don’t. The way that they were both received and maintained are totally different. The fact that Torah came first and gave us the standard by which to judge later ideas and beliefs, including those in the christian bible, tells us they are not on the same level. The fact that the new testament and its claims needs, absolutely needs the backing of the Jewish Bible to hold any weight shows they’re not on the same level and that the Toarh and the Jewish Bible are the superior.”

“Look, I can’t convince you. But I’d ask you to find honesty and truth. To say a man is or was God is to delude yourself. I’ll say it again: Someone who tries really hard to believe a lie is a desperate person who worships his own needs above God. And a person that has grown comfortable with a lie is akin to an idolater.”

With that, we went our separate ways.


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