“But you’re doing nothing!” – Supporting Evil

So amongst the other myths that get thrown at me by people who support the supposedly democratic oppressive system by voting is that by not voting, I’m doing nothing, and that by doing nothing, I’m somehow harming something in society.

Now I’ve explained part of the reason why I don’t vote in a previous article called “Vote for an unjust government/system – Hell no!” at https://hesedyahu.wordpress.com/2013/03/20/vote-for-an-unjust-governmentsystem-hell-no/. So I’m not even gonna summarize that here. But then someone who I truly love and respect, but who votes, told me that by not voting I was doing nothing, as if it’s a bad thing.

Now I want to address this argument on a number of fronts.

1. The Noahide Laws and its prohibitive nature
2. The effects of not supporting
3. The irrationality of the “doing nothing” statement

The Prohibiting Nature of Noahide Commandments

If this is your first glimpse at my site or you have no clue what the Noahide Laws are, then, very basically, they are God-given commandments that all gentiles must keep. I’m not going into the ins and outs of it now. There are basically these seven commandments which are:

– civil laws (including a prohibition against injustice)
– prohibition against cursing God
– prohibition against idolatry
– prohibition against murder
– prohibition against forbidden sexual partners
– prohibition against theft
– prohibition against eating meat taken from an animal while it’s alive

So these laws, at their most basic level, are “do nots” or “don’t do x”. So let’s give a few examples.

So there’s a prohibition against theft. So by me not stealing, generally I’ve done good by obeying the law. So it’s by me not doing an act, namely theft, that I keep at least the basic level of God’s law.

Shall we try again? (You can see where I’m going already, can’t you?)

So the law says not to actively worship idols. So by me not bowing down to any false god, any god other than the God of Creation and of Israel, then once again I have kept the basic level of God’s law.

Let’s be a bit more direct.

God’s law says not to commit injustice, not to pervert justice. Part of that law includes the fact that we should not support judges and governments that either break the seven laws, or promote the breaking of the seven laws. So by me not voting in support of one unjust party or another, it may be true that in that sense I am doing nothing. But once again, by not supporting corruption, I have kept God’s law.

So to do nothing doesn’t inherently imply that I’ve done something wrong. In fact, as can be seen by life in general and in the Noahide Laws, by not doing something you could be in a better place than those who choose to act.

The benefits of not supporting – or rather the crime of supporting

Now let’s think more about responsibility. A question to ask a person, especially a gentile who knows and embraces the seven commandments for the children of Noah, is what exactly they are supporting when they vote. Because they’re not just voting for one policy or another. They are essentially giving a thumbs up to the whole faux-democratic or pseudo-democratic system. They’re giving backing to a political party and all that it does, not just what they like about a party, and the system that gives the party any existence.

So let’s look at the UK and its cousins and children that its old empire influenced. Let’s look at the wars that have been waged by the governments, the children it has sent into these wars to die and to kill and to be mutilated and mangled physically and psychically by the military system. Let’s look at policies that fund tyrants one day and then fund the opponents of the tyrants the other day, which incite and give fuel to civil wars and unrest. Let’s think about the laws it puts in place to kidnap and imprison and extort money from people for “crimes” that impact no one, for which there is no victim. Look at the corrupt courts of law and unfair judges the government gives power to. Look at how the government has instituted a corrupt police system that is too often fast to clamp down on hapless citizens who commit victimless crimes and yet are quick to close ranks when one of their officers happens to beat a prisoner to death or kill another or unjustly kidnaps another. Look at the system that has created an environment of helpless people who now cannot live without state funding. Think of Guantanamo Bay and the laws that make such a thing possible in any country, to capture a person without due process and submit them to any imprisonment including an indefinite one. Think of the national debt and government servitude to or conspiring with banks and bankers and create a society of debt whilst speaking of freedom to create that debt. Look at the government support of corporations that inflict harm on society by their mind/soul-eroding commercialism, materialism, and encouraging the pursuit of “things”. What about the government’s use of “education”, or more properly indoctrination and conditioning, to produce workers and serfs as opposed to moral creatures sensitive to an objective sense of right and wrong? What about the children killed in the wars they create to generate revenue as opposed to doing anything moral: and those stolen from parents by police and social services in their own country based on government legislation?

This is just the tip of the iceberg.

When a person chooses to vote for any political party, they’ve said by their actions that this is all ok. When it comes to who is responsible for the current corruption caused by government, then the finger can be squarely pointed at all those who voted, not just those who voted for the winning party. Oh yes, with their mouths they can curse the government that they actively supported. But then, they’ve just actively supported not only that government, but the very system that gives that government a platform on which to oppress its masses. As someone once said, there are no better slaves than those that think themselves free.

And I haven’t even touched fully upon the way the government advocates the breaking of the basic law that God gave for us gentiles. I won’t re-invent the wheel with that one. Just think about it for yourself.

So on one side, we have a person who chooses to support such a system of inherent oppression and corruption as most of, if not all, the world governments are a part of that system. And then there is the person who chooses not to. Is it just me or does it seem ironic that the person who votes for such a system would accuse the person who doesn’t choose to of harming society? Doesn’t that logic seem altogether backwards?

Some may say, “David, if it weren’t for government you wouldn’t have the roads, or the trash collectors, or the other benefits they give”. That’s almost like saying that if it weren’t for the prison warden, I wouldn’t have the benefits of getting to watch a bit of TV whilst I’m outside of my cell, or that I wouldn’t have another slave to clean my cell. Or, if it wasn’t for the slave driver, I wouldn’t get the 1 hour break for lunch or the place where I work for him wouldn’t so clean. Someone’s not paying attention to the bigger picture. Look, for now, the government oppression is supported by enough ignorant people, so pulling your support from it is not going to end corrupt government, but it will stop your support of it. I could go into this more, but that’s not the purpose of this article. It’s to express my view of what people support when they actively choose to step out and give their voice and vote in support of such a system. All I’ll say is that government didn’t build the roads or collect my trash: people did. So try to guess who would do these things if a corrupt government was not in place.

I’m not yet talking about the total eradication of government in and of itself. The fact that there are divine laws at all prevents me from being an all-out anarchist or voluntaryist. But unfortunately, all the governments we have now are evil and corrupt in one serious way or another, and that’s what a voter chooses to support.

So again, the choice between voting and “doing nothing”, and thinking about which will harm the world, my community, my family and myself more …. excuse me if I try not to do anything by choice that supports injustice.

The Nonsense Logic

So let me get this straight. If I don’t vote, I’m doing nothing, right? What is “nothing” supposed to mean? Because it sounds pretty absolute. There’s no limitation or qualification. It’s just “you’re doing nothing”. Maybe the statement is “By not voting you’re not helping!” Still the question is “helping what?”

The implicit assumption to the statement is that the person who votes is doing something, and not just some neutral act. The assumption is that a person who votes helps society by putting the right people into power to make an effective change to help society. But anyone who actually thinks about that statement will question who the right people are, and question whether in the history of western governments they’ve made an effective change which actually helps society. In fact, with all the crimes rattled out above, the whole phrase is questionable if not outright ignorant of current affairs and history. In UK, it’s almost laughable the schizophrenic insanity of a society, a majority of which (in terms of voters) will one time vote Labour and then Conservative and then Conservative and then Labour, look back each time and see things are worse and still turn around and say “ok maybe this time either party will do better.” Do they really think government will make things better? Many times, government is a reflection, a dark reflection, of the society it rules. If people are not willing to make a positive change regarding themselves, then government is only given power to extort and oppress the people whilst showing and exercising the corruption that lurks in our own communities. I use the term “communities” loosely with the suspicious individuality that is all over the place.

Anyway, I got distracted. Let’s just stare such a statement square in the face and give it a slap to the left cheek.

The notion that those who don’t vote don’t do anything or do nothing is a non-sequitur, the conclusion that a non-voter does nothing doesn’t follow from the notion he doesn’t vote. A non-voter can work tirelessly as a teacher educating children. A non-voter can do an excellent job making sure rubbish gets picked up off the streets. A non-voter can spend his time being a good father to his children and a good husband to his wife seeing the family as the core of society so he does his best to make sure his family is taken care of. A non-voter can spend his time trying to tell people not about freedom or liberty, which are nice but elusive concepts, but rather he tells people about responsibility, gaining the maturity to control one’s own actions for the betterment of those around them. A non-voter can give his few shillings or pennies or whatever currency to what he sees as a good charity that tries to support the poor or dejected or support the proper education of others (having taxes extorted from your pay or elsewhere is not charity). There are just so many ways that a person can actually positively affect their world and their surroundings as a non-voter.

And remember that previously it has been shown that sometimes doing nothing is the best “action.” And again, when it comes to supporting a system that essentially legalizes its criminality, doing nothing is definitely a step in the right direction rather than voting for it.

And some poor good-hearted soul may look upon me, with sincere respect for their ancestors, and say, “David, our fathers suffered and died to procure or protect these rights, like the right to vote. Surely you should use them.” And with as much sympathy as I can muster, I would gently put my hand on their shoulder and say, “If anyone bestowed on me some right to do something wrong or support some evil, I’m sorry but I can’t respect that gift.”


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