The Land of Israel: Where I stand

No. I’m not writing this article because of the release of Arab terrorists. That’s a different issue to do with justice which I’m not going to get into now.

No. I’m not linking this in with Seven Commandment observance either.

I know. *sarcasm* That’s a great positive way to start an article *sarcasm*. But if you know my style, you’ll know I like to get the irrelevant stuff out of the way first.

No, I’ve been watching a number of videos today and a few got my attention. Because I’m into music, I was looking for some rappers that actually gave a positive and conscious message in their music, not just money, drugs, ego, power, and broken sexual relationships. Because I’m in the UK, I was also looking at the UK music scene. I came across a rapper called “Lowkey”. He gave a very good freestyle on a DVD my work colleague had created and produced (Low Budget TV).

ASIDE: A “freestyle” rap is one where the words are supposed to come straight from the mind without having written the lyrics before. So basically, it is supposed to be improvisation, almost like instantly created poetry with rhythm.

Lowkey’s freestyle was very good because it wasn’t just about the superficial rubbish that makes up mainstream music nowadays. It was about world affairs and injustice. But the more I listened, the more obvious it became that he was anti-Israel, i.e., against the existence of “the state of Israel” (whatever that means), and that the Jews live on stolen land, and that there is some truth to the notion of something called “Palestine” to defend “Palestinians”.

Although this brought up many thoughts in my mind, his one statement that made me think more about the subject was – and I paraphrase – was that Israel came into existence in 1948. The way this statement is usually understood is that originally there was a land called Palestine in which lived a nation of people called Palestinians; then the Jews appears out of nowhere, seized this lands out of the hands of the innocent Palestinians, attacked and removed them, and now occupy this land that was originally called Palestine, the possession of the Palestinians, and these foreign invaders, the Jews, now occupy the land as invaders. Included in this narrative are claims that the Jews or Israelis force the Palestinians to live in abject poverty, that there is a form of apartheid in the land, and the Jews/Israelis have a tyrannical rule over the Palestinians.

I’ll go more into these other claims later. But right now, for myself, I’m just going to make it known where I stand on certain basic issues of the land of Israel. It’s not as if my views matter to Israel or make a difference to the world. I’m essentially doing this for myself.

Where I stand: the Land and its rightful owners/Custodians

I’ll say now that I’m going to avoid statements of theory or belief unless I’m forced to. So this is not going to be about what is possible, or what I believe. I’m just gonna be blunt and say how it is in my eyes.

The Jewish Bible contains their history. God, who owns everything, gave the Israelites the land of Israel. So they are the rightful possessors of the land. Though the majority of them have been cast out of the land, dispossessed, a number of times in history for a certain amount of time, they have always had the right to reclaim what is theirs, regardless of anyone who chose to take the land in the absence of their majority.

From 70CE, their being conquered by the Romans and dispersed amongst the nations, up until the 20th century, they have always had a presence there, there were always some Jews living in the land of Israel. A bunch of different people groups and nations occupied the land over that period of time. It’s not even as if these “Palestinians” have a substantial historical claim to this land. It’s not as if they even have a divine claim to this land. Even the strength of the name “Palestine” and “Palestinian” throughout history is questionable. But I won’t dwell on that. At best, these “Palestinians” are descended from Arabs whose nations surround the land of Israel, e.g., the Egyptians and the Syrians amongst others. So their essential claim is “we live here now, it’s mine!”

Also, if there is any truth to who historical Islam has treated lands that it invaded, i.e., root out the historical traces of the people it invaded and laying claim to that invaded land in the name of Islam (much like what the Arabs are doing to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem), then the “Palestinian” claims is at best tenuous, if not downright selfish. By selfish I still mean “we live here now, it’s mine!” It’s a bit like what the Americans would say if the Red Indians tried to forcefully take back their lands, lands that we know the ancestors of the “nation of America” (whatever that is) invaded.

So where it comes to who has the rightful claim to the land of Israel, I would not back these “Palestinians” at all. The land belongs to the Jews.

What I’m not saying

Now me backing the Jews when it comes to the rightful possessors of the land does not automatically mean that I back every action committed by the current secular government of Israel. I wouldn’t give my backing to most governments in this world because they’re not backed by Torah, including the government of the land of Isarel. But that also doesn’t mean I back the actions of these “Palestinians” or those who daily attack Jewish towns, cities and villages.

I’ll avoid the word “terrorism” because it is too loaded with emotions that are totally irrelevant to this. Plus if I were to use the definition of terrorism which says “the unofficial or unauthorized use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims,” [my work colleague rightly questions this saying “official to who, and authorised by what?” – he’s right, this definition is very subjective – “one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter] then I could justly accuse every single national government in the world of such acts, including the United Kingdom and the USA. If I changed that to the more realistic definition of “the immoral and unjust use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims” then I could still point the finger straight in the face of every politician and voter in most countries of the world. I have to include the voter because without their backing of the government the governments would have the power to do many of their immoral and unjust acts.

The fact is that I don’t live in Israel and I don’t live in Gaza. They know their situation a lot better than me. I only judge actions based on a morality based on the 7 Universal Laws.

So for example, let’s talk about this word “apartheid”. What exactly is that? (I’m learning this as I type this “essay”).

“a policy or system of segregation or discrimination on grounds of race.”
“any system or practice that separates people according to race, caste, etc.”

Hmmm … But this sort of thing happens worldwide. Just look at the American ghettos, and the council estates in the UK. But maybe people overlook these because they are more natural, more to do with class and finances than anything else. Maybe …

But if we focus on Israel, for me, there are far too many substantial differences between the situation in African and Israel for me to think that there is some similar sort of apartheid in both places. When Arabs can become a citizen, vote, and become a member of the Knesset or Israeli Parliament, I don’t give it the same weight. It just seems to be more of the emotionalism that is spouted across most of the media which is furthered by artists and politicians for whatever reasons.

Finishing already?

Yeah, I’m not making this a long article. What’s the point? I’m just gonna deal with the simple points that I can deal with.

The land belongs to the Jews, hands down. I won’t even continue that.

But as I’ve said, when it comes the actions of the current secular government of Israel and the “Palestian” enemy, I look on that in light of the Seven Laws. So I don’t have to respect the way how Israel can appear to be a wing of American policy (even Jews don’t like this). I don’t have to admire the giving up of criminals to appease a military enemy. I don’t have to agree with land swapping or peace talks. I don’t have to respect those Palestinians who fire rockets indiscriminately into Israel. I don’t have to respect the way the “Palestinians” refuse peace with the Jews many times and then turn to the “international community” to get approval to be some sort of state or semi-nation or whatever. I don’t have to like a lot that goes on in that land mass.

But I respect the One who gave that land to Israel, the Jewish people. And I can see enough of history to see that the “Palestinians” haven’t got much of a claim at all. I see enough of history to see that well meaning people, such as that rapper Lowkey, are spouting rubbish when they start Israel’s history from 1948. I think if I had Lowkey on one side and Rabbi Meir Kahane on the other giving me arguments, Lowkey would be non-existent. And it’s not about name or reputation. It’s not about one side or another. It’s about content.

Anyway, that’s my little say on the subject.

As if it matters.

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