UK Noahide Blog: Am I contradicting myself?

It has been niggling in the back of my mind for a while. I’ve said it a number of times that I don’t like the word “Noahide” because of its inherent ambiguity. In my posts I have almost absolved myself of the word. And yet my blog is called “UK Noahide Blog”. What sense does that make? Even “UK 7 Law Blog” would be more consistent than what is it currently called. Hmmm ….

Well at least after this little post, if the name of my blog changes, or a reader comes by later and notices that this article doesn’t seem to fit with the name of my blog, which is at that time different, then …. errr … this article will explain it.



  1. Pat

    You made me smile!

    • Really? 🙂 how comes?

      • Pat

        It was the “hmm” and the “errr” ……!

      • *smile* I tend to write how I talk in my head. I like the naturalness of it rather than constructing sentences perfectly without the human pondering element. But still, thanx for the smile you gave me too.

      • Pat

        That’s it! I like the naturalness: that’s what I was actually saying! 🙂

      • Then I share the sentiment! 😀 Have a great weekend

  2. searchinmyroots

    You can still use the word “Noahide” because you are using it in a way that YOU understand it to be. And you have explained yourself many times to us as to what that way is.

    Yes, the word may be misunderstood by others, but you have made it clear to your readers what the definition of a Noahide means to you.

    • Hi RootSearcher. I hope you’re well. I think that’s the point for me: the word means nothing certain for me. It’s not a relate-able word. When I hear my wife use it, when I hear it flung around, when I think of whether it is strongly linked to the original intent, I just think it’s an empty title I don’t need. If I had an affinity to it, maybe I’d keep it. But it reminds me of ex-christian baggage and little more than that. I’m not saying other people shouldn’t use it. A friend of mine uses it in a way that is more “authentic” pointing to Gentiles, but even the purist that he is, I syill see him slip and referring to “new Noahides”. Again, it’s an empty word for me and since I have no strong link to it, I’m fine setting it aside.

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