Reminding myself of my responsibilities

I’ve been finding out more and more about the illegitimacy of today’s governments and the mass injustice, deception, theft and murder they commit. It seems like they commit injustice and aggression as frequently and as easily as a person breathes. My first reaction was hatred and a rebellious anger at the entity. I just wanted them eradicated, wiped off the face of the planet.

But after some thought I understood something. Or maybe I remembered it. I don’t need to be angry about the existence of evil and darkness and injustice. It is a waste of energy. Why rage against the innate nature of the beast? It just is the way it is. My anger changes nothing. All I should be bothered about is being the best I can be, doing the best I can do. God can deal with his plan. Let evil do what it must. And I’ll do what I can to do good.

Of course, I have to deal with the beast regularly. It had its hands in my pocket. Its eyes sees what it can prey on, and its dogs prowl the street. And many are willing to bow and serve the idol of the beast. But it’s not about them and what they do. It’s about what I do; that’s what I’m responsible for.



  1. Pat

    As you said, all we can do is our own bit of good.

    • I think that is all that can be asked of us, right?

  2. Pat


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