At odds with so much

The Seven Commandments and a faithful, consistent and conscientious obedience to them is at odds with the current legal and political systems in this day and age.

I believe that when a person considers the prohibitions in the commandments and holds to them, it no longer is just about keeping the law for oneself in a totally secluded way, but also making sure one’s actions don’t promote the breaking of those laws.



  1. Pat

    Hi David. I totally agree.

    • Thanks for taking the time to say this.

  2. Pat

    PS: Thanks for always giving me food for thought. I really appreciate your blog.

    • The fact is that you put in the effort to consider it, to chew it over in your mind. I would commend you for that whether you agreed with me or not. But it is a blessing that you agree. But I commend you anyway.

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