At odds with so much: a response

I stated before that the Seven Commandments were at odds with the legal and political systems of today.

A dissenting voice inside me said, “No, David. The commandments are not at odds with the legal or political system I live under. That legal and political system doesn’t command me to do the acts that the commandments prohibit. In fact it promotes freedom.”

But what is oftentimes forgotten is that the Seven Commandments are not meant to just be personal convictions and an individual private set of moral standards. They are meant to be the basis and basics of the legal and judicial system, the so called “law of the land.”

So a legal system that states that verbally cursing God is a legally protected act (freedom of speech) is at odds with a system that prohibits verbally cursing God. A legal system that protects and licenses a person who kills a foetus more than 40 days old is at odds with a legal system that would label such a person a murderer and has such a person liable for the most severe punishment. These are just two examples out of many.

So although the legal system may not command you directly to do the acts that the Seven Commandments prohibit, the legal system and political system themselves are systems that fundamentally go against God’s mandates for Gentiles.

And if a conscientious student of the Seven, and a moral individual, would guard themselves from acts that promote the breaking of these fundamental moral and “legal” principles, it would be inconsistent with such a stance to give ones active support or vote to such systems. In fact it would be both immoral and an undermining of those commandments.



  1. Pat

    Thank you for breaking it down and making it even easier to digest, David.

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