The meaningless of “new year”

As people around the globe celebrate the fact that another second has shifted, that the universe has shifted another unit in its seemingly unending circuits and motions, I see utter meaningless.

What has changed in society or in an individual life as the universal movement shifted? Nothing of any meaningful significance. Tyranny and injustice reign free in the world. Drunkenness and individual and collective responsibility walk the same way that they did before. The shifting of the universal cycle is as meaningless as the empty phrase “happy new year” which means nothing more than “have a good night.”

What really counts, what really makes a difference is exactly the same thing as what made a difference every second before this meaningless universal spin: what you do! Every moment you are given the choice to do good or do what is bad/evil. That’s what gives the movement meaning.

So who gives two hoots about an arbitrary day given the title of “new years”? Whoever picked this day could pick another. But you, choose what is good and do it whenever you get the chance. That’s what will give the universal movements meaning!



  1. Jim

    Well said, my friend.


    • Appreciated, man. Hope you are well and all the best to you.

  2. searchinmyroots

    I agree, too much emphasis is placed on this “one day a year” and not enough on the “everyday”! Of course within Judaism that differs although there are times when we are more introspective than others.

    The only good thing I do see about New Year’s is it does make some people look back, look ahead and determine their goals. So if it weren’t for this one day a year, maybe it would take longer for them to get started or maybe they never would get motivated at all.

    So yes, we need to think in the terms you described. Too look at EVERYDAY as a day to change. But in today’s society, once a year is at least a start! 🙂

    Dare I even say Happy New Year???? The way I mean it, not that I don’t mean it any other day, is I’m hoping for the best for you and your family. Happiness, health and purpose, everyday!

    • I accept the meaningful greeting. I wish the same for you and yours. I appreciate what you’re saying. I accept that the emphasis people put on days like “new years” can help some make a start. I’m glad that even negative or empty impositions on days can have their positive uses.

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