The lawyer cult

I had my first dealings with a lawyer(-turned-adjudicator) recently. Thankfully my time with this lady was brief but I got a hint of what I’ve been learning about recently.

As she described for me the notion of “government” giving “powers” to “councils”, I realised that, at least for this lawyer, a lot of faith is put behind notions that have no real meaning. And it is this devotion that makes it so easy for the lawyers, psychopaths and well-intentioned supporters of enslavement that make up government to rob and murder the inhabitants of the land that it resides in. I guess I just used “lawyers” in the pejorative sense.

I was having a discussion with a work colleague of mine and I brought up the fact that it is important to distinguish between fact and opinion. This colleague have me a very poignant response. He said that it’s also important to remember that to some people, their opinion is fact. His were words that impacted me deeply, and impact me even more deeply after my interaction with the lawyer. You’d think I would see this in my interaction with christians and muslims and other religionists. But to see it so forcefully true in my interaction with a bureaucrat, seemingly bereft of any of the icons you’d associate with religion … You see, it’s one thing to know this is true for someone who, in terms of the ability to effectively coerce and threaten, is equal to yourself. But when you see it in terms of those who not only see their opinions as facts, but also wield the manpower of serf-funded mercenaries and similar minded devotees to make their beliefs into actual damage on your life, it can provoke a fear, a feeling of seeing a much grander scale to an irresistable foe and feeling so small in comparison to it.

This lawyer, in what she may have deemed as a kindness, said that she would share with me some of the law relevant to me in future. I believe that in so many ways that is similar to a idolator, after imposing himself on me, kindly offering to share with me some quotes out of his holy books to help me understand why it is a right and good thing that he had imposed himself on me. Imagine the sincerity in those eyes as he honestly believes he is doing you a favour when he has done nothing to actually show you why his holy book as no relevance to your life. I don’t know if you can picture it, but I still remember her sincere pure eyes as she did what she believed was right based on nothing more than opinions, the ukases and whims of politicians.

Knowing me, my memories of the details of that day will fade. I do have a bad memory. But I hope I remember that I got a whiff, a scent of how dangerous lawyers can be, playing an imaginary world that has impact on the real world, on the lives of people whose lives and livelihoods end up in their hands. There are some people that you should not approach with reason because their world just can’t take it. You must first learn, if you can, the basis of the rules of their mental or emotional game in order to protect yourself and then help them. I believe this to be the case with the lawyer that I faced. I was utterly ill-prepared. I hope I can learn enough wisdom so that if there is a next time ….


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