Was it inevitable?

Was it inevitable that I should become so against modern governments, or many governments throughout time, when two or three elements come together?

One, I am devoted to God and his truth.

Two, God obligates man, His creation, to keep his commandments, which includes a prohibition against injustice, the perversion of justice. This justice includes the upholding of the rest of his core obligations, which includes prohibitions against cursing God, idol worship, murder, theft, sex crimes.

Three, governments and their legal systems are notorious for injustice, unfairness, wars and murders, for legalizing theft, for protecting those things with God’s law forbids.

Alas, these three make it inevitable that I would oppose most governments worldwide. And yet, someone reminded me that these things must be.

Justice cannot thrive in a population that rejects it. In order for a court system or a community to be fair, it doesn’t just start with good judges, lawyers with appropriate roles and upstanding character, and even – dare I say it – wise politicians of integrity. What is necessary is a population whose moral fibre is higher than the minimum level. When that is lacking, then you could have a perfect ruler or a government of immaculate morality, and it will be destroyed and undermined from the very beginning.

Unfortunately when the “top” is corrupt and the grassroots are poisoned, injustice is inevitable.



  1. Pat

    David, that was very interesting and very well said. Thank you, as always, for your enlightening words.

    • It’s my privilege. Thank you!

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