No Justice: No God

Just thoughts running in my mind.

I’ve said this point before, but I’m just expressing it again.

One of the objection that some God-rejecters give to God’s existence is the lack of “order” in the world. When I refer to “order”, I refer more to harmony and balance. A person can look at the innocent blood spilled, the slavery obvious and not so obvious, the wars, the seeming ubiquitous acts of deprivation done against the weak, those who can’t effectively defend themselves; at the seeming success and wealth of those who act wickedly, the seeming chasm of power and substance between the have’s and the have-nots, the proliferation and comfort of immorality amongst those that are supposed to be the guardians of the welfare of others … how long could I make this list? The open eyes witness this painful, pain-filled, pain-inflicting imbalance and the feeling heart is hurt, the critical mind is perturbed. “How can there be a god ….” No, that may not be close enough to the real question. (I may never get close to the real question.) “How can there be an intelligent, mindful controlling influence over all this … this chaos?”

When the Primal Cause started the universe, he imposed order and harmony; He divided one thing from another, created boundaries, and set times and places and a living ecology. It is as if the express will of this “Other Being”, this “Transcendent” was to demonstrate itself, Himself, through boundaries and the relationship between each part of life, the universe. But when the boundaries start to blur, it is as if the fingerprint of the transcendent is obscured.

“How can there be an intelligence, a mind, a controlling influence over chaos?”

When the boundaries between good and evil are eroded, when the wicked seem to strengthened and the righteous seem to be punished, when even the line of core morality is so moveable that it may as well not even be there, I believe that, in a similar way, the fingerprint of the transcendent is obscured, eroded. The very earth and foundation that a person stand on becomes uncertain, where one cannot be sure of the very next step.

What comes to my mind is the mistake people make of confusing legality with morality. There are those that believe that the existence of a law (a politicians opinion enforced through coercion) means that a certain act is morally wrong. Some people, too many, will say that if I don’t hold a certain card or piece of government stamped paper or haven’t insured certain movements, that I have done something morally wrong and should be captured and held in a cage! But think about it! Laws, these enforced politician opinions, they change. What was prohibited one time or place, is allowed at another time or place. Does that really mean that morality too changes? That something was morally wrong one moment, and then was totally fine the next? And all this is based on the decision of some crude human who dons the cap of “politician” or “legislator”? Examples include slavery and alcohol prohibition. If a person adopts this philosophy, that morality equates to strokes of the pen of the rulers [if you think in terms of school or office stationary, the term “pen of the rulers” can be quite funny!], then that’s another arbitrarily shifting moral standard that is another foundation for the injustice and immorality that has strong hold in many places.

And this uncertainty and disharmony is one of the reasons for the atheism and the apathy that is more and rampant amongs young and old alike. Because if there’s no justice, no real harmony, then how can there be an intelligence, a mind, a controlling influence in this chaos?

I think that’s one of the benefits of the law of Dinim when understood in terms of justice (or the prohibition against injustice), a justice not just based on governmental rule, or the customs of the people, but rather an immutable general standard for all, at the very least the Seven Commandments. Because if there is no real justice without God, then in a similar way, if there is no real justice, it would demonstrate to some that there is no god. Although some know better than this, if one doesn’t do what they can to at least establish fairness in their own lives or households, then the world moves one more step, one more person, away from God and his truth.



  1. Well said, sir. A sort of “natural law” or “objective morality”, if you will.

    Wait… do you have a Permit to post these articles online? \:-|

    • LoL! Guess I’m an anarchist in that respect.

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