Dealing with ridicule

There are those who ridicule me for my views on what science is and what it can tell us with any authority or truth content. They laugh at me for my point of view on Torah when compared to what a certain set of scientists say and because I reject the truth of the hypotheses they hold dear. Others can’t understand why I would spit upon such stories and view them with contempt when they are posited as absolute truth or fact. For the most, I’m in what appears to be a small minority amongst others who have more or less accept some of the claims touted as “science” or “scientific” and have been labeled as primitive and pre-scientific because of it. That can be translated as “stupid” and “irrational.” Although the nicest people in the world can come into my face and judge me thusly, the undercurrent of their sentiments is fairly obvious.

What makes this situation further ludicrous is that those who ridicule me or my point of view have never provided a compelling rational argument to adopt their views. They have not provided compelling and meaningful evidence that shows that the ONLY sensible way to view the world around us is to adopt their conclusions. Yet such people are adept at pointing the finger of ridicule and insinuate that any thought other than theirs is worthy of scorn.

For some time before today, I had sat on my hands, and remained relatively silent. I had not tried to put any effort into arguing or pushing against such people and overtly showing that their approach is unjust and only reveals the philosophical idolatry and dogmatism/bigotry I believe to be inherent in their approach. I was afraid somewhat of the scorn that I would get from actually defending myself with more vigour and forthrightness, or the possible desecration of God’s name that result from me being more open about the conclusions I have come to regarding specific matters regarded as “scientific.” Because much of this world has been more or less brainwashed and bent into a certain way of thinking, the scoffing that would result from being more outspoken about my conclusions and their basis amongst the ancient rabbis may encourage people who deem themselves “modern,” “rational,” “scientific,” – essentially intellectually superior – to denigrate God and his Torah.

But … wait there, I’ve written something like this before on a website I have archived elsewhere. I may as well quote myself.

So in view of all this, a good question would be, why do this? Well these subjects have been on my mind for some time now. I feel they have some importance to how one views the world or our present “morality” (if you can really call it that). They are things that I have looked into, and my website is there for me to summarize or explain some of the things I have looked into for myself and for anyone else interested in seeing another point of view on some subjects. And why should I worry myself about the atheist or other people who may make fun of my stuff or use it to slander the Bible? And why should I fret myself about people who may disagree with me and call me unscientific and ignorant? There are already loads of places where such thoughtless people can take words and twist them for their purposes. I would already receive criticism and insult for my views on evolution, the oral law, my view that Jesus is not the Messiah or Deity. You see, it is not about them. It is about my search for truth and my stand for it. If I worry about ridicule, then I wouldn’t believe anything because for anything you believe, there is always an opposing belief system with adherents that will ridicule you. Even truth is ridiculed by those who believe in a lie. And my website isn’t here just to speak of things everyone agrees on, but to challenge myself and anyone that chooses to read parts of this website. How can it challenge anyone if it just goes with the party line, with what everyone is saying?

No, it is better to speak about truth, and, as a Jewish Midrash on Genesis 1:26 says, “him who wants to err, let him err”. People have used the very words of the Jewish Bible itself to make it appear contradictory and that either the Deity that wrote it was foolish or confused or imperfect, or that the Deity of Israel doesn’t exist. If people can do that to the Scripture itself, then why worry about what they can do to me and my words?

But I will add this disclaimer: There is a significant chance that it can cause people to ridicule me, or the Hebrew Scriptures and those that accept it as truth, or people who accept the creation account in Genesis. For that reason, I state on record now that these are my personal thoughts and viewpoints, not a group’s thinking. These are the conclusions that I myself have accepted. If anyone would take my words and overgeneralize and insult others and the scriptures for my conclusions, then they are not doing so out of balanced thinking, but mindless hatred. If anyone should have a problem with MY words here and they can talk about things in a reasoned way, then my contact details are on the website. Else, if they are gonna point at anyone for my thoughts, then at least you the reader will know that they are being deceitful.

I’ve not going to reinvent the wheel and give myself any more defense than that. The time for being timid is over. I ask the Almighty for guidance and wisdom in how I approach anyone. But I’m not gonna act as if I’m ashamed of my own thoughts or my own convictions that I’ve actually spent time investigating. I’m not unchangeable. My views may change as a result of further thought and study. But I’ll do the best with what I have for now.


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