Murder – Guns and government

It’s interesting. Somehow American news finds its way far beyond its shores. I’m once again hearing of another set of murders where the weapon of choice was a gun. My work colleague stated that some people have counted the amount of “mass murders” caused by individuals having occurred in America that involved guns and it seems to be a high number. It seems like the FBI’s criteria for “mass murder” is if four people or more are killed. And it’s obvious that people are going to use the numbers to say that “gun control” is needed.

First let me translate something here. “Gun control” doesn’t mean the eradication of guns. It means that that government gets more guns or more control of people who have guns. Essentially, it’s just more government interference in and power over the lives of people. That’s a lot of trust to put in government …

… which is kinda funny.


Because the track record of world governments has been less than trustworthy, far less. I mean, some people in the world want guns removed from individuals because of the amount of mass murders. Yet the governments of the world, the US government included, have caused more murders than any set of individuals. War is the staple of government, the US government included. [By the way, “staple” in this context means a main or important element of something.] Think of the millions that have been killed by government, either through war or through their mercenaries (the military or the police or the secret service). So the biggest mass murderer is government. Yet where do certain people run to protect themselves from mass murder? The biggest mass murderer! That’s why it’s funny.

It just shows that a form of idolatry is present when people rush to a villainous and inadequate refuge in government to solve the problem of mass murder. It’s like going to the devil to sort out evil. Not too logical.

Murder is wrong. There is no doubt about it. And people are murdered all around the world both with and without a gun. In fact, lives are destroyed both physically, psychologically, emotionally and socially without even touching a physical weapon or by touching things that don’t even resemble a gun. It’s just that guns are obvious, and it’s easy to go for the obvious, superficial observation rather than deal with the underlying issues that ensure that murder and injustice and immorality will thrive even in lands where guns have been banned.



  1. Dave

    There is a ring of truth to what you say. Nonetheless it is difficult to argue against the fact that guns are too freely available in the USA. Although some if not most popular causes and ideas are, in my opinion, incorrect, there is a wide consensus on this issue, at least outside America.. Inside America they seem to hold on to the ‘right to bear arms’ almost as a matter of faith. Which raises the question of whether the gum lobby are placing this ‘right’ on such a level of importance that it is becoming an idol

    • I’m not too interested in consensus but rather on the quality of the argument. I don’t care about lobbies either. There are stats and opinion on both sides. Trusting the biggest mass murderer in history is a false hope.

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