The worship of the flag

Please watch the video before reading this. It may say much more than I do.

I think that a lot of things Americans make blatant and obvious things which are international phenomena. The only thing is that in other countries these human qualities, actions and attitudes are not so “out there,” not given as much publicity; but those qualities are still there.

I can say this because it is what I’ve experienced to a lesser degree here in England. I can say this because people, no matter what belief structure they adopt, even if they claim to be atheist or agnostic (the same thing when it comes to how you live), seem to exhibit the same reverence for things which are inanimate and dead. Be it a flag or a malum prohibitum law (something classed as wrong only by virtue of the fact that politicians decreed it so) or the very government itself or the political parasite party itself, when you notice the emotions rise and the creation of irrational rationalisations in defense of the immoral, the edges of the worship of a created entity can be seen. It is little different to an idolator defending his or her god, or an addict clinging on to a habit; it’s just dressed in slightly more sophisticated clothing and protected by the mainstream media, normalised by society and taken advantage of by the priests and prophets of the idol, the politicians and the press.

Those who are know a bit about Jewish literature may see something reminiscent of Rambam’s discussion on the rise of idolatry in the days of Seth and Enoch. And there is something familiar about the rise of the reverential fear of the politicians club (government) and that of the idols. Some persuasive person plays on the desires and fears of people and draws them into following certain rituals to attain the favours of and avoid the pains inflicted of false gods, created entities that seem glorious but are simply slaves and servants of natural law. And these rituals and habits lead generationally to a dependency on the false gods. It’s just that nowadays the gods are some imaginary concept of a nation, or a political party, or the government, or the laws that a bunch of politicians produce. Each thing is reverenced as going more than it factually is.

As one rabbi said, one of the last idolatries to die will be the worship of man. And looking around me, that idolatry is far from dissipating.


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