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As much as I would love to take credit for the term “Schneersonanity,” I can’t. It was coined by a friend of mine, an ex-Chabad rabbi I have known for many years. He left Chabad after he saw first-hand the disturbing messianism that was taking over. He saw disturbing parallels between the moshiachists and early Christianity, and didn’t want to be a part of it. He has been an invaluable source of insider information about the Chabad, what they’re up to, and what they’re doing.

At first, I had a “live and let live” attitude about the gerrings; if these ex-Christians want to ignore the Seven Laws in order to be all “spiritual” and religious, let ‘em. These ex-Christian Noahides have always had a difficult time letting go of organized religion. But then I started seeing how Chabad had infiltrated the gerring movement, as they have done (or tried to)…

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  1. Moshiach has always been a Jewish thing, before Christians and Muslims tried to hijack Judaism. It’s part of Torah. (eg Deut.4:14). See the 13 axioms of the Rambam.

    That your friend dropped his Chabad identity is his problem. He must, as a Jew, anticipate and expect Moshiach to reveal himself any day. That he has a problem with Rabbi Schneerson as being that Moshiach is his own problem, but does not invalidate nor disqualify that Rabbi from being Moshiach!

    • Hmmm … Your comment here may shed some light on why you’re going with regards to some aspects of the Torah code for Gentiles so wrong. Anyway, I’ve got better things to concern myself than a person’s belief in someone as the moshiach.

      • “… so wrong.”
        If you choose to march to your own music, to your own arbitrary (even if well-thought-out) guidelines, ignoring Noahide laws (ignore one and you may as well ignore them all!), you forge your own destiny without relying on God, Who stipulated for you a code of behavior in a book primarily meant for the Jewish people, you run the risk of losing eternity.

        You need the Jew, the Torah-true Jew, to guide you or to learn from. After all, Jews know Torah and its holy commentators.

        On the other hand, it’s not easy to acquiesce that others have a privilege you need submit to before even learning of the right path to take.

        The self-important attitude is easy to spot. How easily you wipe away the 12th principle of Jewish faith (“The belief in the arrival of the Messiah and the messianic era”), because some Chabad fellow dumped his “baggage”. You even write about it as a topic on its own as a pundit would. Moshiach is something you cannot be bothered about. Just stay with your blog. That will wisen you on its own.

        Like an adolescent, shake free of a pillar of Jewish faith, daily faith, now going on in the Jewish year 5776, when any day now Moshiach reveals himself, for signs of Redemption and the likely candidate have no value for you. Actually this makes sense. The Era of Redemption is mostly for the Jewish people. And you are Gentile. But because God is good, as are His people, He and they want Noahides to hop on the eternal bandwagon, to appreciate Torah, or, nonchalantly, choose a path where you end up in the waste bin of finite history.

      • You made a lot of baseless assumptions in that response. I continually live by and write about the seven laws, so it makes it nonsensical to talk about me ignoring them. You talk about me marching to my own music simply because I won’t listen to you, yet you have no clue who I refer to when working on an article or when I have questions about the seven laws. So that’s another conclusion of yours based on ignorance rather than fact. You mention that I need the Jew, yet in no part of my writings (the only way you can interact with me since you don’t know me personally) have I ever suggested rejecting the teachings of properly educated Jews. You speak of me having a self important attitude when, again, you have no dealings with me personally and can only go by the fact that I won’t listen to you, and that being the case I have to question who REALLY has the self important attitude.

        You again draw a naïve conclusion that my not caring about your choice of messiah somehow means I’ve rejected the concept of messiah on a whole. If you had read what I said carefully before writing a diatribe against me personally, you would have seen that I only said that I have better things to do that concern myself with someone’s belief in another person being moshiach. That is not a categorical wholesale rejection of Rambam’s principles.

        You then conclude in a badly thought out manner that I wrote away a principle of faith because of a chabad fellow who dumped his baggage. Yet I’m not the one who wrote the article. I’m not the one who interacted with this chabad fellow. In fact, you don’t even know who this fellow is and feel fit to judge him. So first you make a mistake in judgement in what I’ve done, you judge me for what happened to someone else, about what someone else wrote about, and then you make statements about someone who is a total stranger to you.

        My commanded responsibility is the seven laws. What God commanded me is my first priority. Now all you have to do is prove that God commanded me in the seven laws to focus on the likely candidates for moshiach. Give me the command that is part of the seven. Don’t give me logical derivations and plausible stories. Quote me the place in Jewish tradition that states that the Gentile is commanded to give a damn about a likely candidate for Moshiach. According to rabbi Meir in the Talmud, a Gentile is regarded highly if he studies the Torah, specifically his seven laws. Following God’s laws is my path to his truth, not following the dictates of any Jew that demands I obey him and yield to all his choices. I am a Gentile with my God-given responsibilities. You are apparently a Jew with your own. I don’t have to yield to your dictates nor adopt your beliefs that are irrelevant to my path. My accepting Rambam’s principles has nothing to do with your choice of likely moshiach candidate.

        So consign me to the waste bin all you like. As long as I’m following the true Commander and his commandments, your opinion of me counts for less than nothing, especially when it’s not based on fact or proper judgement.

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