The Ger Conundrum

Alan Cecil actually takes us through clips of a video by rabbi Chaim Clorfene and highlights significant errors in his approach.

Academy of Shem

For those who seem a bit befuddled by my earlier blog posts on the gerring issue, I decided I needed to clarify a few points. For this essay, I am enlisting the help of Rabbi Chaim Clorfene, the co-author of Path of the Righteous Gentile and The World of the Ger. I will be inserting snippets of Rabbi Clorfene’s video entitled “Shabbat for the Noahide.”

The first snippet is simply the beginning of the video where Rabbi Clorfene introduces the topic.


With the next video snippet, we go into the real meat & potatoes (or bagels and lox, if you prefer) of the argument.


In this video segment, the argument is that the ger is in the Torah and the “Noahide,” the Bnai Noah, is not (except for the few times it is referring to Yaphet, Cham and Shem.) The problem with this argument is that it is only true of…

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