Noahide 2.0

Alan Cecil suggests a different direction for the spread of the knowledge of the seven commandments.

Academy of Shem

It was in January of 1986 when I first met Vendyl Jones. It was in the small town of Cleveland, Tennessee in a small Baptist church. Vendyl was the guest speaker at the first Noahide conference hosted by J. David Davis, the former Baptist preacher turned Noahide. He was a big man with a commanding presence and a lisping drawl, and more charisma than you could stuff into a ten-gallon hat.

In the mid-80s, Jones was the leader of the nascent Noahide movement. His book, Will the Real Jesus Please Stand (a sly reference from the 1950s television showTo Tell the Truth), was one of the very few books on the Noahide Law at that time. In addition to his book, Mr. Jones had many cassette tapes with his lectures on topics ranging from the New Testament book of Hebrews to the kabbalah.

will the real jesus please stand vendyl jones

One of the main themes…

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