The American Election – An International response

In the face of someone preaching the importance of upholding the constitution of their country and supporting a presidential candidate in an election, I wrote a response. But I did not want to repeat a mistake in making this all about one country and in doing so exclude the rest of the world.

I think there are principles in my response that may be useful to anyone in any nation having to deal with elections and national law codes and constitutions. So here goes. Let me share. I’m gonna expand it a bit but I hope it is relevant.

Someone, a “noahide” told me once, very recently that Americans “idol worship” freedom rather than Torah. This is true for people all over the world. But sometimes it’s not so much freedom but also the freebies they believe they get from government, such as a national health service, monetary benefits, etc. Seeing how people become almost evangelistic preacher for their preferred political party or personality or even their nationalism in boasting of their county prove that “noahide” correct. For example, I’ve seen a Jew produce a Facebook post that “idol worships” the constitution of America, a document that in some places opposes Torah laws, a document that was imposed on the vast majority of the inhabitants of the land without their consent (less than a sixth of the people, maybe as low as a tenth, had a vote concerning its conception), a document that either enabled the US government to grow to the leviathan size it has become and enabled that government to give itself more “powers” to interfere with and dominate over the lives of people, or it was ineffective and inadequate to stop the government from becoming such a beast. It seems to happen everywhere, where politicians, in order to either gain votes or brandish the force their office grants them or pander to the people that financially back them will make laws and declarations that oppress the people. They do this usually dangling a carrot in front of the donkey-like voting population to procure a more happy compliance from the beast of burden (the population) that carts the politicians where they want and offers up the monies they want.

Despite some of the benefits that a national law code, in light of its positions against Torah, and its enablement of the beast of the state not only is the question of whether it is fit to exist still remains open, it is also foolhardy, oblivious and self-destructive to use that document to make one’s decision on how best to attempt to impose one’s will forcefully upon others through the aggression that is the state. And to vocally and willingly support it shows that a person has traded Torah principles for inadequacy, politicians’ lies and tyranny. I would suggest that people who put God first to put his law first, to follow its principles. I would call upon those that embrace objective morality, rather than just legality, to aim to live a moral life consistently. If you wouldn’t personally force a person to bend to your will, then why would you do it through the power of the political office, through voting, especially when the ideals or policies of the political party goes against your deeply held and valued personal principles???

David taught that the Torah is perfect, that it restores one’s life, one’s soul, that the commandments are pure producing enlightenment for one’s eyes, that God’s judgments are true and righteous. He also taught that rulers (like the candidates for government positions people tell you to vote for) also sit and speak against you; but those who serve God should meditate in God’s statutes. He said he will walk in liberty because he seeks God’s precepts, not some constitution or national law code.

True liberty doesn’t come from a national constitution – you are moral not because of what a legal document states or imposes but because of the way you treat yourself and others – and true liberty doesn’t come from supporting politicians that work against the spread of Torah knowledge and morality. It comes from embracing Torah.

So I will not promote the idolatry, murder, theft and injustice of American politics. I will urge Jew and Gentile to embrace God’s commandments, the Jewish Torah for Jews, and the Seven Laws for Gentiles.



  1. Hrvatski Noahid

    Hi David,

    thank you for writing this. I remember the words of Rabbi Schochet who wrote in the Divine Code that codes of secular law do not have lasting morality. I hate modern governments. They are the biggest and most dangerous idol people worship today. The government will not protect you. The government will not bless you. All idols will disappoint you. We need to love, fear and trust the G-d of Israel.

    I will try to comment most of your future posts. I love our email discussions. But I think our public discussions here will benefit more people.

    I look forward to reading your thoughts.

    All the best,


    • Firstly, I agree so much with what you’ve said and what you shared. Fantastic. Secondly, thanx for your words of kindness and at least hearing me out. I hope our discussions continue to urge us both to God’s truth, both in agreement and in disagreement. God bless you!

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