The Ger-Bellied Sneeches

Alan Cecil shares more of this thoughts on his interactions with the “ger” phenomenon.

Academy of Shem


The gerrings are quickly becoming theStar-Bellied Sneeches of the Noahide movement. Only the gerring knows the “truth.” Only the gerring is upright and honest. Only the gerring is worthy of respect from their fellow Jewish coreligionists. The old Noahide Law is stifling; the gerring is “free.” The Sola Scriptura view that, since the word “Bnai Noah” is not found in the Written Torah (as opposed to “ger”), both the name “Noahide” and the “Noahide teachings” have less validity. Only a gerring will be “saved” by having front row gerring seats in Olam haBah. This is the message the rabbis who are pushing the gerring teachings are promoting, a message that sounds chillingly reminiscent to a certain organized religion based on the mystical teachings of another rabbi who lived two millennia ago. The smugness of the gerring, to “know ger and you will be free,” is the harbinger of the gerrings leading the…

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