Katzianity—A Book Review of “The World of the Gerring”

To continue with the current “Ger” themed articles, you can check out a review of the book, The World of the Ger.

Academy of Shem

World of the Gerring ed

To fully understand any cult, one must study the primary text of the religion. In this case, the primary text of the gerring movement is the book co-authored by Rabbis Chaim Clorfene and David Katz, The World of the Ger[ring].

The gerring movement is touted by its members as something “new” and “revolutionary.” Many Noahides are flocking to the gerring banner and disassociating themselves from the “Noahide” movement. To understand the gerring phenomenon, let’s take an in-depth look at The World of the Gerring.

Note: the quotes below are taken directly from Rabbi Clorfene and Rabbi Katz’s book, and in the spirit of the character of the book, will all be in red.

The book starts out, “The World of the Ger represents a departure from the usual Noahide literature in that it consists primarily of Aggadot. These are the parables, stories and historical…

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