Hoping for Utopia

The wisdom of the people around me is astounding. It’s like my eyes are open anew every day.

After I shared my previous article, “What is missing from the discussion?” I got a very interesting response … interesting to me anyway. The friend of mine, at least I hope he considers me a friend, Stiv, he said to me that my views were utopian, that the change needed in society with regards to taxes and government are so fundamental that it would take a utopia for it really work.

Now I could have taken this as an insult, like saying, “what, you think my views are unrealistic?” But I’ve gotten to know this guy as best as I can over the internet and he’s not a malicious person. Let me quote him. I’ll leave some of his grammatical errors because I think they help actually bring his meaning out.

Well. Why I said it’s utopia. First, I’m reacting to the notion of taxation and state/government.

Is taxation robbery? It all depends of what is called taxation, what’s the purpose of taxes and so on … In our countries, we all know what it’s used for, some good things, but they are so minor compared to the bad stuff done with that it’s quite clear that it’s nothing less than robbery. Robbery used for warfare, personal enrichment and so on … And I [haven’t] even started to talk about the taxation system, its utility and so on, I don’t think that I need to.

Now the state/governments, or in other words a marrow sucking octopus … You’re discussing the very legitimacy of what is called state. I think that we both agree on the fact that in our eyes, there’s no legitimacy in it, no need to develop why here, you’we written plenty on this very subject already, maybe we don’t agree on some details, but globally we agree that what is called state, is not something that should be considered as legit. That’s not all, because it’s “a system” that we are questioning, it’s not only states, it’s also banks, financial places, industry, lobbys … all those things connected to the “state” …

In few words, I bet that we agree that we have to get rid of all of this crap ! Note that there’s few anarchist systems that promote similar things..

That’s the point where “utopia” comes… To get rid of this, it needs radical changes, it requires a high level of awareness about “the law”, or should I rather say, halakha, social justice … and we are far from that. Not to mention that lot of people don’t even know what we are talking about, don’t care for changes because they “enjoy” their routine, don’t want to think …. and I can put millions of points here …

There’s so many reasons that it sounds utopi[an] to think those changes will become reality … Especially when you see that even if people, and there is, agree that something has to change, how many are ready to act, to get involved … A four year old kid will be able to count [how many such people there are]

I think my friend makes very good points. I’m not gonna rewrite his point but I’ll summarize my understanding.

If we look at the world as it is now, it seems idealistic, beyond possibility, for the amount of fundamental change needed to correct the whole system to take place. How many people are even actively ready or even able to bring about the changes to society to the point where the Seven Laws are upheld by courts and even marrow sucking octopii … lol, I mean governments?

Yet for me, the seeming extreme distance to such a goal is not something that discourages me, that tells me to give up. Why? The first answer that came into my head was “I don’t have a clue!” *chuckle* But pondering further, it’s about principle, the underlying truth of things. I don’t hold to the principles that I do because it is easy or popular. I hold to them because they are right and consistent, regardless of the opinions of those around. I don’t accept God because the people around me do. So many don’t and ridicule the notion. I accept it because the other side is absolute nonsense and inconsistency. And I don’t hold to the Seven Laws and consider their application to society because it’s popular, but rather because such an objective and basic morality flows naturally from the Objective Source of creation, truth and knowledge; and such a moral standard is needed in a world gone mad.

I, and I believe my friend also, pursue the Seven Laws, the detail and depth, because they are right and objective. The fact that it seems utopian only highlights the words from Pirkei Avot, at the end of chapter two.

Rabbi Tarfon would say: The day is short, the work is much, the workers are lazy, the reward is great, and the Master is pressing. He would also say: It is not incumbent upon you to finish the task, but neither are you free to absolve yourself from it.

Although I may not see the end of the effort to spread the knowledge and keeping of the seven laws, I won’t absolve myself from the task.



  1. Hrvatski Noahid

    I hope to see a world of light. I hope to see a world of wisdom. Yet I look at today’s world. And I see death and darkness. Mankind is evil. This is a fact of life. I doubt most people will ever follow the 7 commandments. It is the few who follow the truth. I do not believe this will change.

    • The Jewish Bible would disagree with your conclusion. The knowledge of God will fill the earth as the water covers the sea. So I don’t believe the world is doomed forever to remain as it is or to continue to get worse. Even if it takes the coming of the promised Davidic king, it can happen. Until then we still have a job to do.

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