I question the use of the term “Rambam-only” but the body of the article is definitely food for thought.

Academy of Shem

Dinim, or Courts of Justice, seems to be the latest hot topic these days. The confusion with Dinim has to do with the Rambam-onlyers who insist that the paradigm of the mitzvah of Dinim has to do with establishing courts in major cities and making sure judges and witnesses are men of good character.

Here is a quote from Rambam that was posted during a discussion:

“When a city does not posses two Sages of great knowledge – one fit to teach and issue rulings with regard to the entire Torah and one who knows how to listen [diligently] and knows how to raise questions and arrive at solutions – a court should not be appointed for it, even if thousands of Jews live there.” —Hilkhoth Sanhedrin, 1:5.

Here’s the problem with Rambam. This is about Jewish courts in Israel, not Noahide courts in sovereign non-Jewish states. The Torah isn’t…

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