There is something missing!

A man with a great heart and beautiful insight reminds us of the Torah worldview regarding non-Jews and religion. Please take a look at another of his articles.

Emuna Trek

So many of us only read the Scriptures like we read any other book. The Scriptures was not designed to be just read but to be studied and meditated on to draw out their meaning, purpose and application. They have to be constantly studied for the reason shown in the example below.

A Jewish boy came to his father one day and asked the following question.

Boy: “Father why do we read and go through the same Torah year after year?”
Father: “Because, we are not the same people we were last year.”

As non-Jewish Bnei Noach we have our part of the Torah to study, know, and continual meditate on; this will reveal something to you at different times and will allow you to grow in your walk with the Creator.

For example, the primary point of today’s blog is to show you something that the majority overlooks when…

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