Sleepwalkers – Headlines and illusions

So, this week there’s news of the FBI taking no legal action against Hilary Clinton and there’s surprise and shock and statements about what an injustice this is. And I see videos of two black people getting shot by white police (the media made sure to highlight the skin colour, I can’t imagine why *sarcasm*). And last week, I think it was last week – it’s not that high on the list of things to remember – 27% of the British population, the minority, was heard by the even smaller ruling minority, and that became “the voice of Britain” about leaving the EU institution. So that’s where supposed democracy allows the minority to tyrannise over the majority (it wouldn’t have mattered if the vote went the other way, the principle is the same).

I stand back and look at this and get the impression that it seems as if a lot of people are in a state of continued fantasy, some sort of anaesthetised, coma-like dream state, as if they had taken LSD and couldn’t leave the “trip.” Why?

The American politicians deemed “government” have been the one of the masters of manipulation and injustice for so long now, since the very inception of it. The British set of politicians are no better morally, but that’s not the point right now. The crimes and immoralities of government and the way it has smoothed its own coat in the process is so natural, it is almost like breathing for another act of injustice to come about. And it will continue tomorrow and the next day. To point to this one act as if it horrifies down to the core of the soul betrays the sleepwalking state people have been in. Why would I point out the fact that a dog barks unless I’ve been either ignorant of that fact?

Black people getting killed by the white police. There are so many levels of deception here, it is beyond crazy. I don’t even know where to start. Should I start with the fact that black people kill black people at such a high rate that a white person doing it is like a person blowing as hard as they can to aid a tornado? Or the fact that two people have been murdered yet the murderers, because they are government agents, haven’t been arrested yet but given the reward of paid leave or at least days off work? Or the fact that there are so many different cultures of people of black or white skin that to talk of black culture or white culture is meaningless? Isn’t Brexit where some white people want to disassociate from other whites? And just how many black people feel much of a universal bond that they feel one with people of various shades of black in other countries, much less in different places in the same country, much less different places in the same city or town? What a joke! And are there only two colours of skin the whole world, black and white? What about the fact that one set of people, government, can force and murder people because of the opinions of politicians? What about the fact that the media seems to help fuel the fire by not only selecting what it chooses to sensationalise (how many times to blacks murder, rape or steal from people other other skin colours?) but also making sure the wording creates more division? Isn’t the news more like glorified gossip anyway? I’m sure I’ve missed a lot of things, but what the hell?

How stupid is the phrase “black lives matter?” What colour is life? Just how much does “black lives matter” miss in the whole range of life? I don’t see it changing the wars and genocides in Africa.

And then there’s Brexit, one of the biggest yet seemingly unseen acts of accepted tyranny in the form of vote-counter rulership, or “democracy.” This is where the [counted] minority of the population of a landmass gives an overly simplistic statistic (a yes or no answer) to the smallest yet coercive minority, in the form of the ruling class, the government, which then continues to dictate to the majority of the population how to live and what they can and can’t do. And then that minority voice is called the voice of everyone in the whole country! “Britain chooses to leave the EU!” Or the politicians who don’t like the idea talk of a “national crisis” as if every individual life in the nation is now in turmoil. And people all over the world call this act of tyranny “freedom??????” The voices of those who can’t or won’t vote, even the voices of those who did vote but lost, all those voices are silenced! The individual voice is drowned out by big brother, and that is freedom? That’s not sleepwalking: that’s full-on comatose! This is “might makes right” and then such a principle being praised. Little thought is given just to how informed the choice of the voting/complicit population was. Little thought is given to the complexities that are glossed over by the simplistic “leave or remain” choice. No thought is given to the fact that what has actually happened is that people were GIVEN the choice. Do you understand? That means that this was the only choice produced by the politicians, by the government. The politicians were the ones who manufactured the choice that the voting population should consider. This isn’t education or free choice. It’s indoctrination and the illusion of choice.

POLITICIAN/DEMOCRACY LOVER (P/DL): “You can either go north or south.”
INDIVIDUAL: “But what about east or west, or north east or north west or south south east?”
P/DL: “I’m only giving you the choice of north or south!”
INDIVIDUAL: “And if I don’t want your choices?”
P/DL: “Then you don’t get a choice.”

And that’s freedom? Or that’s an informed choice? Or that’s a truly moral choice? I don’t think so!

Yet for the most, people see this as an accepted and acceptable blip and move on. The collective moves on and the blood of the silenced can be cement for the tower of Babel, the empire of faux-democracy, being built.

People may wonder how I can see all this and not become an atheist wondering “where is God?” But why would I adopt a worldview where there is no objective standard of morality to judge? In such a worldview, none of this is ultimately wrong because there’s no ultimate wrong. Why would I adopt such an evil way of thinking where there is no real wrong or right, just subjective opinions? There would be nothing wrong with injustice because there’s no real justice, it’s just how you play the game. There would be nothing wrong with murder or race wars. It’s just the way it is. There would be nothing wrong with tyranny which has as long a history as prostitution. There’s no objective way to distinguish Hitler from mother Teresa as to one person Hitler was mother Teresa a weakling and to another Hitler was a monster and mother Teresa as a more insidious monster. And to yet another mother Teresa was an act of God’s mercy and Hitler was an act of the Devil. And to another, both were acts of nature. That’s one horrible worldview.

No, I see the need for God and his laws and teachings more than ever. It is only through them that I can truly judge and distinguish good and evil, because the words “good” and “evil” become more meaningful with his standard rather than the subjective “preferred flavour of ice cream” worldview of idiotic atheism.

This world of devotees to illusion and collectivism will trundle on. But I, for one, am glad that there is more to life than this. Thank God for that!



  1. Hrvatski Noahid

    I agree that a lot of people live in a dream. I heard a Torah lecture by Rabbi Alon Anava where he said that sins make you spiritually blind. You do not see what a normal person sees clearly.

    I saw the crime statistics which show how often blacks kill other blacks. How sad that the media are always pushing race wars!

    All lives matter. I think ideas and values are more important than skin color. I am white. You are black. But I have more in common with you than with 99% of other whites.

    I agree that without God there is no objective standard of morality. The only reason why something is good and evil is because God said so.

    Thank God for the Torah!

    • Amen! Thank God for Torah! I love what you said about ideas and values being more important than skin colour and the evidence you gave. I remember having an issue with someone, a decorator, who had lied about me to my landlord. My landlord’s response was that we should ask get along, and why? Because we’re black! Not because of morals or justice. Simply because of a similar skin tone. Your point would have fitted perfectly.

      Thanks for your enlightening post.

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