God-rejectors: They have nothing!

A number of times I’ve seen either an atheist or, more recently, a muslim, give their reasons for rejecting Torah. I’m not gonna focus on the muslim for now – that’s a whole different world of foolishness right there. I’ll just focus on the atheist.

A few claims they hold up against the Torah or the Jewish Bible as reasons they reject the idea of God giving the Torah is as follows:

1) They conclude that there are contradictions in the Jewish Bible.
2) They believe the teachings of the Jewish Bible and the acts of God recorded therein to be immoral
3) They claim that the teachings of the Jewish Bible conflict with observed reality and with the findings of modern science.

I found myself confronted with such a God-rejector who was full of such claims, ready and able to throw around vague claims of contradictions, to throw around accusations against the God of the Bible, that he was immoral or that the Jewish Bible had him supporting or inciting immoral acts, and that man was so much better now because of science, we now being so much better than those “bronze age” texts, that “bronze age” morality.

And it’s not an uncommon theme in our postmodern culture, a culture that has embraced the rhetoric and arguments of the popular atheists like Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris and the now dead Christopher Hitchens, amongst others.

In the next article, I’ll take a quick look at these arguments and share my view on what makes them wholly fallacious.


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  1. Hrvatski Noahid

    1) I think they read the Jewish Bible without the explanations of the Oral Torah.

    2) The G-d of Israel defines objective good and evil.

    3) This suggests that the findings of modern science are wrong.

    Atheists say there is no proof of G-d’s existence. But we do have proof: “The authenticity of Moses is based on the public revelation at Sinai: God revealed Himself to the entire nation of Israel, at least three million people…the entire Jewish people personally experienced that revelation, each individual in effect becoming a prophet, and each one verifying the experience of the other. With their own eyes they saw, and with their own ears they heard, as the Divine voice spoke to them…” (The Divine Code by Rabbi Moshe Weiner, Ask Noah International, p 39)

    I give the following evidence which shows that mankind is worse now. Older generations had fewer atheists, fewer abortions, fewer divorces, less sex out of wedlock, modest women, no widespread pornography and no same-sex marriages.

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