God-rejectors: They have nothing – Contradictions and Logic

So one of the problems that is brought up by those who reject the God of the Torah is that there are contradictions in there. In doing so they call upon logic to use it against God.

In my interactions with such people I’ve noticed a few issues that I see that destroys their case about “contradictions.”

One person made a vague unspecific claim of contradictions in the Jewish Bible, but then started to demand that I go out personally and try to kill homosexuals. Because he knew that Torah forbids the act of homosexual sex he presumed that I am obligated on my own to become a death-dealing vigilante.

The problem that this God-rejector demonstrated, which is rife amongst God-rejectors, is a deep ignorance about what the Torah actually commands and the details of those commands. They will interpret the text of the written Torah or the rest of the Jewish Bible a certain way, a way that can lead to contradictions, believe that interpretation to be true or the only proper way to understand the text, and then demand people who hold to Torah to agree with that interpretation and thus agree with the contradiction.

But more often than not, the God rejector has not done a deep study of the text or the context, nor does he or she have a solid grounding of bible knowledge of interpretation. All too often, the person attacking the Bible either only has a “hearsay” knowledge of it – they listened to the supposed contradictions other God-rejectors have claimed and absorbed it – or they are ex-christians who have adopted the way of understanding the text as the God rejectors have, normally already holding the assumption that the Torah is a manmade document and therefore superficial readings are enough to get enough understanding to object to the words of the text.

Just recently I saw a whole list of supposed contradictions brought up, and the amount that betrayed an utter lack of knowledge from the originator, not only of the written Torah, but also the oral Torah and the work of the rabbis in showing the interpretations faithful to the context which undermined the so called contradictions

Another issue with the claim of those who reject God that there are contradictions in the Torah is the fact that their own worldview can’t account for the reasoning and logic they are using. Also that same worldview gives them no right nor authority to try to impose their way of thinking on others.

What do I mean?

I won’t rewrite the essay. I’ll just summarize.

Firstly, the one who rejects God, the absolute, invisible and eternal, normally only has a physical universe, a universe of matter and energy. If that were true, then it can only produce matter and energy.

Problem: logic (the basis of having an issue with contradictions) is not matter and it is not energy.

Based on that, logic has no place in that worldview. When this person who rejects God attempts to use it, they are nothing more than a thief. They steal from the God-fearer’s worldview in order to undermine God, no different from someone arguing against the existence of thought or air. They have to use the thing they reject (or the product of it) to reject it. The epitome of “self-defeat.”

Secondly, all God-rejectors have, in order to be consistent, is their personal perception, the chemical reactions of their brains. That’s it! There is no “out;” there is no objectivity, no absolutes and therefore no real facts. Logic and rationality have no physical reality. There are no laws of physics or chemistry to quantify them. There is no objective standard for one who rejects God to impose upon another what is simply their own personal conclusion, the product of their own brain, in other words, “brain fart.”

When such a person says “the bible has contradictions,” after recognising that their conclusion is only subjective and personal to them, having nothing to do with anyone else’s conclusion, after that, then it must be understood that they have no right, no legitimacy, in trying to convince others to think like them. They have their brains which is different to everyone else’s. There is no adequate justification for them to change others. It’s a selfish errand for self-gratification. Not for truth. Not for objectivity. No such things exist in such a worldview. The only “truths” are personal statements of perception and conviction only valid in that brain.

Look, these are ways to show that God-rejectors have nothing, not a leg to stand on. From my own experience, I’ve been confronted by supposed contradictions and found them to be founded upon ignorance and faulty presuppositions. But knowing the utter emptiness, vacuity and worthlessness of the source of these claims of contradiction is a great assurance and a motivator in declaring this fact: to accept that worldview is to undermine one’s own thinking.

Again, they have nothing!



  1. Hrvatski Noahid

    “Even though the testimony from Mount Sinai was directed to the entire Jewish people who heard and saw it directly, and the Gentile nations did not experience it directly, nevertheless, such a unique testimony to a group of millions of people is impossible to refute…” (the Divine Code by Rabbi Moshe Weiner, Ask Noah International, 2011, p 31)

    I agree that G-d rejectors lack knowledge of Torah fundamentals. A source from the Written Torah means nothing without the explanation of the Oral Torah. This explains many “contradictions.”

    But some Jews use pseudo-science to show the Torah is true. One example is the idiotic claim that English words come from Hebrew. Our faith in the Torah is based on historical facts. We do not need to make things up.

    • Personally, I believe that even if a person just had the written torah, especially the whole of the Jewish Bible, the ignorance of the God-rejector could still be exposed. But we agree the Oral Torah is an essential part of Torah.

      I’ve got a book about Edenics. I’ll have to look at it now that you call it “pseudo-science.” I have points of view that others call pseudoscience, so it pricks my ears when something is called pseudoscience as I would wnat to check if it really so.

  2. Hrvatski Noahid

    It is not within the purview of rabbis to investigate English etymology. I work as a translator and English teacher. I know where English words come from. The most common English words come from Old English or Anglo-Saxon. You can check any etymological dictionary.

    I suggest that you stay away from edenics. Every nationalist thinks that his language is the mother of all languages. You will find the same claim for Tamil, Arabic, Sanskrit, Greek and so on.

    • i appreciate that you have your view on the origins of languages and their development. people may wish to limit what rabbis are allowed to talk about, be it science, philosophy or etymology. for me, if the arguments are strong then it’s worth consideration. again, my point of view on certain subjects are deemed psuedoscientific. when anyone starts using such term, especially without a good solid definition of that word, my instinct is to question its usage and what it’s being used against. you limited the premise of edenics to nastionalism. again, I question that conclusion. i’m not a nationalist, not even a lover of Israel in certain respects (only in certain respects). whether edenics is true or not isn’t a main point of interest to me; I don’t it will ever be. But your comments so far … You see, I already know some of the presuppositions of edenics. They are not far fetched, not even nationalistic. I don’t hold to edenics. i don’t believe it to be true truth. i haven’t even fully studied the thing.

      anyway, … something. thanks for the suggestion and sharing your thoughts.

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