God-rejectors: They have nothing – A brief aside

Someone who rejected the God of the Torah shared his thoughts with me. It was quite a revelation. He declared a number of times that the way God acted in the Torah (or at least the way this dude interpreted it) was “unintelligent.” That’s a polite way of saying God does stupid things or works in an idiotic manner. He judged that God could have done better.

This way of thinking helps highlight another way to show that such a worldview or such a way of looking at things is self-defeating, undermining intelligence.

Let’s imagine his version of God, the one he calls stupid, did make everything, including the human brain. What does that say about this person’s ability to reason that God is stupid or does stupid things? If this bungling god made his brain, then the judgement of this individual should justifiably be questioned if not totally doubted. Due to the bungling this god did to the human thought process, a human can’t even properly reason to the point of judging this god to be stupid and then trust that conclusion. So even if a creating god was stupid, then this individual could not know it nor trust his conclusion about it, unless he were an arrogant idiot, arrogant because he, to an unjustified extent, trusts his own conclusion, and idiot because his intelligence has a stupid cause or source, and they seems to be no way for an effect to be greater than its cause.

But what if we’re left with the current naturalistic made up story about how the universe and life originated and developed? Then what good are his thoughts then? How were they created? From a process that had no intelligence, that was unguided by intent and purpose, a process that had no end goal in mind because there was no mind. So essentially, it is an utterly stupid process where – and this has never been observed in real life – animals, who are generally amoral brutes, even the most “intelligent” of them, became human.

So, in that imaginary world, the individual who chose to judge God as stupid has the thought processes of slightly mentally and physically rearranged brute, a simian (which according to the dictionary just means “similar to an ape or monkey”). Again, we haven’t reached a pinnacle, just a reconfiguration of stupid or brutish. So we’re still left with an arrogant idiot.

But what if the Torah is true and God is the all-knowing transcendent, the absolute? What then? Then what seems unintelligent to this individual must have an intelligent purpose and process. Yet this individual would have puffed up his own ego to the point where he thinks he’s more intelligent than the maker of heaven and earth and all their wonders which are beyond our ability to recreate and sometimes (many times) beyond our ability to understand, and who made all this out of nothing?!?! Is it just me or does it seem like once again we’ve ended up with an arrogant idiot?

I know what some may be thinking. “David, your article is filled with ad hominem and insult.” But is it? Nothing I’ve said is personal and limited to this individual. And my argument is not simply that he is stupid. I’m saying based on certain premises, it’s an accurate description of what we’re left with if any individual fits that criteria. I’m saying such a way of thinking undermines the ability to think intelligently.

Am I insulting a one year old individual by calling him or her a baby? No, it’s an accurate description. Am I insulting a furry domesticated household feline by calling it a pussy? Nope, accurate description. Am I insulting a person who immorally, unrepentantly and premeditatedly killed an innocent person by calling him an evil murderer? Is that ad hominem? Nope, accurate description!

So based on the premises of my statements or in my statements, there would be accuracy in calling such a person as I’ve described “an arrogant idiot.”

Maybe it would be better received if I said, “The fool says in his heart, There is no God.”

Or maybe not.

Ah well, such is life.



  1. Hrvatski Noahid

    To think that men of flesh and blood are smarter than the Maker of Heaven and Earth is blasphemy. A man’s knowledge can impress other men. The only way to impress God is to follow His will.

    • Great stuff, Hrvatski Noahid. I didn’t see that point on blasphemy so clearly before you said it. It’s so true. Great final clincher line: the only way to impress God …

      May I ask, what does “Hrvatski” mean?

      By the way, thanks for reading the article.

  2. Hrvatski Noahid

    Thank you for writing the article. Hrvatski Noahid means Croatian Noahide.

    • Amazing. I don’t fully understand why, but that’s amazing to me, Hrvatski to Croatian. Enjoy the weekend

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