God-rejectors: They have nothing – Morality: The rage without foundation

For me, the anti-God view of the world has become an infestation. If I want to search for issues regarding Torah online, many times amongst the first search results I get are from the anti-Torah, God rejecting perspective. Even when it comes to commentary on social or political issues, the atheist voice is most predominant.

One common theme I see amongst that group is the moral declarations and judgements they make about what people do, about religions, about so many aspects of real life. I listened to an atheist YouTuber share his gripes with Islam, essentially claiming that it encourages violence and rape. These voices are particularly loud regarding politics and religion.

Can you and I be direct about this with no holding back? Based on my previous articles in my series about God-rejectors, you should know what I’m going to say.

When one who rejects God give a moral condemnation on anything, when such a person pours out frustration or anger at a perceived immorality or injustice, when he or she explicitly or implicitly rages against they view as wrong, anything at all, to be consistent with that stance of rejecting the Creator, that reaction and response is worthless, and utterly so.


What is at the base of their contention? Where does their morality come from? It’s not from something true and solid. It started from and ends with dust, nothing more, possibly less. An effect cannot be greater than its cause. A human is just a speck of dust in comparison to the universe, the planetary system, even this planet. Individually, our lives are short, coming from nothing and ending in nothing. It doesn’t matter if we were made from star dust or pond scum. Matter is not moral. Energy is not moral. They just are. And we, the products of such an amoral constitution, are nothing more than that.

With the rejection of God comes the inevitable consequence that morality is only a made up game in the minds of walking monkeys that they take way too seriously for what it really is.

So when the atheist baboon points at a fellow primate, babbling boisterously against the way it got its bananas, there’s nothing deeper to it than instinct and biology. And when a supposedly more evolved atheist or God rejecting primate complains about another primate, there is nothing qualitatively different about the scenario. It’s not some objective standard being pointed out, just a side effect of biology. They have no other basis for it.

It’s just an observation of mine about the futility of the godless. Thinking about these things just reinforces for me the laughable situation of when a God-rejector points at any worldview, including that of the Torah, and attempts to point a moral flaw. Based on his own worldview, he automatically becomes a hypocrite. Based on the Torah worldview, he never stepped away from being a fool.

I need to get the science and knowledge part of this series done. I’ll try to do that next. I wonder if you already know how that is going to pan out.



  1. Hrvatski Noahid

    I love your direct writing style. “If there is a God, then suffering does not make any sense at all. But if there is no God, then nothing makes any sense at all.” — Rabbi Abraham Twerski

    • Glad you saw good in it. Thanks, man. I also enjoy that quote. I think I’ll tweet it. May as well use twitter for something meaningful.

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