Nineveh – A Lesson for America

To anyone who reads this, the fantastic article has an international message. It’s a must read from a man, a non-Jew, who I see as having a loving heart for people, for God and for his truth. Please read.

Emuna Trek

There is a Jewish and a non-Jewish side to the story of Jonah.

The story for the most part has been turned into a cute child’s tale about a man and a whale. When in all actuality it is not about a whale for the species of the great fish is not given in the story. Why? Because that is not important. The great fish was only a tool to get the fleeing prophet back on the right path.

The story of Jonah was put in the Hebrew Scriptures so that Israel and the nations would study it and learn about teshuva i.e. repentance – its about changing lives from doing wrong to doing what is right in the eyes of the Creator.

This blog will only deal with the side of the story for the non-Jewish nations.

What we learn from the story and from the Sages of Israel…

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