Elephants from thin air

These sort of thoughts normally get a bad response. But that’s never stopped me before. For all those who will consider me more an intolerable idiot than before, let me say “bye and all the best to you” from now.

I keep hearing from God-rejector and God-fearer alike, even from the "priests" of scientism and atheistic philosophy to the "priests" of religions like orthodox rabbis, that the evidence for billions of years, molecule-to-man evolution and "big bang" universe is overwhelming. They say the same thing about the notion that the earth goes around the sun, something that everyone (almost) believes to be obvious.

But every time, every time, I humbly ask for the evidence for these views or the main few pieces of observable evidence that make these ideas akin to absolute fact, the responses I get are so lame, lacking logical integrity or knowledge of unfounded biases and assumptions, that I begin to see something apparent.

Today’s world, in a way, is no better than the world centuries ago. People accept what the "authorities," what the clergy of the time, be it under the name of the religion of God or the religion of "science" tells them. The indoctrination done in the secular schools is no less potent than the indoctrination claimed to be in religious schools of any age. The myths about Darwin, Urey and Miller, Copernicus and Galileo are just has rampant in the minds of rabbis as they are in the minds of school children and for much the same reasons.

I came from too many places where "the evidence was overwhelming" until I actually looked at it. It teaches me that too many make a handful of thin air as heavy as elephants.



  1. Hrvatski Noahid

    Linguists can show the proximate origin of words. If you go deeper in history, the etymologies become uncertain. No serious linguist thinks that words are billions of years old. I wonder why natural scientists use such preposterous time frames.

    • Damn, that was a good point. A very good point.

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