It’s a shame …

So I heard a conversation, a meeting, where statements were made which were significantly disappointing to me. In this meeting, a gentile said that his rabbi had taught him that the seven laws were those laws which were imposed upon “slaves” that the Jews had captured. This was said in a derogatory sense, more associated with the modern degraded concept of slavery and captivity than what was practiced by Jews according to Torah law. In that same meeting there was another person who appeared to be a rabbi who presented the seven laws as those principles that allow non-Jews to live ever so slightly above the level of animal, to barely exist as a backwards people. [The fact that, even in this day and age, the legal systems and cultural norms haven’t reached the standard of the seven shows that they are not so backwards or irrelevant.]

The issue highlights a problem I’ve talked about before, the issue of the great diversity of rabbis that are out there, giving different and conflicting messages. And we Gentiles are told how important rabbis are. A friend of mine says it’s important for a non-Jew to find one rabbi to learn from. There is wisdom in this advice that he gives, but experience has shown me that the advice also comes with a danger: getting connected to the wrong rabbi, even one who will teach blasphemy and the rejection of God’s truth veiled as “the importance of being more refined in behaviour and ‘spirit’.”

Let me again be blunt. I am saying that those who call any of God’s laws – be they any of the 613 laws or any of the 7 laws – backward, lowly, retarded, slavish, “bronze age,” they blaspheme, they insult and regard as trash gifts from God. And to trash the gift is to trash the Giver.

It’s not an easy road for the normal Joe on the road, especially one who sees the seven laws and wants to have them as the foundation of his morality. It’s not easy to be a decent human being when it’s easier not to be. And then you have the voices of various “experts” using sources you don’t know or may not have access to telling you different things. And the fact that they are experts, the title almost compels you to submit. They’re supposed to know better, right? Or the various conflicting experts can cause you to lose faith in the integrity of the truth.

We can only do the best we can. That’s the simple truth. All one can do is gather those foundational truths and be as consistent as possible. Mistakes must come. Argument and debates may arise. But aim is something greater than ourselves. Whether we see the aim as morality, justice and/or faithfulness to God, the aim of searching for and living in accordance with truth is to find a place called “home,” the place where one fits and can grow, maybe even to become unified with the purpose of all things.

But the pursuit for truth may mean that you oppose the “expert.” But the question is whether you’re consistent with the foundation.

My foundation is God and his written and oral tradition. I cannot forget the nation of Israel within which there were those faithful people who preserved the written and oral traditions. And the recording of the oral tradition, as evinced in the written Torah, is clear: God gave the seven laws to the descendants of Noah and it was confirmed to Moses at Sinai. More is expected but those seven are our fundamental obligations. If any expert, any rabbi, anybody who inverts or subverts the value of our laws, the study of which would make us like high priests, and depicts them as beggarly, as anything less than a gift from God is not worth a moment of my time (I’ll speak for myself).

Our responsibility has not changed. As the descendants of Noah, as the Torah states – the Torah which includes the Talmud – we Gentiles have our God-given commandments. As human being, tzelem elohim, we have the obligation to use our faculties to emulate the Judge who made us, in our rationality and morality. As long as the ancient sources teach this, no modern rabbi can change that!



  1. Preach it bro, I too am getting so tired of those who degrade the commandments of our Creator. There will always be foxes trying to get in the hen house.

    • Too true! It’s worse that it is some rabbis that is saying the rubbish. Makes the job that bit more difficult

  2. Hrvatski Noahid

    We need to trust the experts.To them must all things be told. From the wells of night to the gulfs of space, and from the gulfs of space to the wells of night, go out among men and find the ways thereof, that experts in the gulf may know. And they shall put on the semblance of men, the waxen mask and the robe that hides, and come down from the world of seven suns. And the experts shall become the lords of the woods, mighty messengers, bringers of strange joy through the void, down the onyx steps, on the wings of night out beyond space, rolling alone in black aether at the rim, fathers of the million favoured ones.

    • HRV, I don’t understand. I know you said “we need to trust the experts.” But the rest of your words is so strange, figurative and hyperbolic, I’m not sure how serious your point is.

      Also, in light of the fact that in too many aspects of life, the experts lead people astray, I don’t know what exactly you mean by “trust.”

    • Amazing. I believe teachers are the ones who can judge best whether this kind of technology will make a positive impact on kids. They spend way more time with kids than any of us. And if they decide and see evidence that this will help then there is no reason why humanity sh#lodn&u8217;t adapt and evolve.

  3. Hrvatski Noahid

    I satirized the *experts* who mislead others. I was not being serious at all.

    • Now it makes much more sense! Thank you.

  4. Actually, when Israel conquers a people, as well as when anj Israelite buys a non-Jewish slave, it is the the Seven Laws of Noah that are enforced upon them. It’s a fact. A Bronze Age slave’s Law for people just out of neanderthal. I think this is why so many people are going beyond the Seven. It’s a great page 1. A lousy finale.

    • Strawman fallacy

    • Claim: “when Israel conquers a people, as well as when an Israelite buys a non-Jewish slave, it is the the Seven Laws of Noah that are enforced upon them. It’s a fact. A Bronze Age slave’s Law for people just out of neanderthal.”

      Necessary assumptions. A law imposed on a slave is backwards and retarded.

      Testing assumption:
      The prohibition of murder is both one of the seven laws and part of Jewish law. It is imposed on non-Jewish slaves.
      Therefore part of the 613 laws of Torah is backwards and retarded, Bronze Age.

      The prohibition against theft is both in the seven laws and in the 613 laws. It is imposed on non-Jewish slaves. Therefore part of the 613 laws of Torah is backwards and retarded, Bronze Age.

      The same principle can be applied to each law of the seven and the laws as a collective. Either way, you’re calling God’s law retarded and backwards.

      Parts of the laws (definitely not all, but parts) are also in modern countries. So that makes most of western and eastern civilizations are backwards and retarded.

      The fact that your principle can be applied to things that are obviously not Bronze Age shows that your principle is fallacious. It also makes your claim blasphemy as you’re dishonouring the laws and thus the giver of the law.

      Your argument is also based on the strawman argument that I believe that the whole of Gentile morality starts and stops with the seven. I didn’t ever state this. Alan never stated this. None of the people you’ve attacked has stated this. So your argument is fallacious on all counts.

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