My loneliness

I’m a person who has rejected the claims of Jesus’ messiahship, but very often the people I end up being around are devout christians. 

I’m against the modern governments of the world including the government of the land I live in. I have serious misgivings about the morality of its existence and the acts necessary for its existence (like taxation and many of its dictates). I could be called an anti-statist (against the state). But the vast, vast majority of people I live among willingly support the government and advocate for funding it, its different policies and laws, think it necessary for one set of humans to force their will on and aggress on others. This is the same being amongst Jews and seven-law-aware Gentiles.

I personally want nothing to do with the vast majority on national holidays, like Christmas and Easter. Most of the people around me enjoy celebrating these holidays to some extent.

Although I hate evolutionism, the belief that whole diversity of life came from a common ancestor, that the universe and earth developed from a “big bang,” that all this happened over millions and billions of years. Yet the vast majority of people around me accept it to some extent. This is the same being amongst Jews and seven-law-aware Gentiles.

Much to the ridicule of others, I don’t accept that the earth has an absolute spinning motion on an axis or moves around the sun or that it travels around the galaxy in a universe with no centre. Yet the vast, vast, majority of the people accept it as the true truth to some extent.

I don’t accept as good the concepts of democracy. I see as a farce the idea of “rule of law.” 

In all of these things, I hold a minority view, a view which hardly anyone around me accepts. And I haven’t even touched my acceptance of the seven laws. 

In so many ways, I am very much alone in my point of view where I live. In so many ways I’m alone even amongst people who call themselves observers of Torah or conscious keepers of the seven laws. I would be ridiculed even amongst them for espousing some of my views.

Yet, I can’t say I’m totally alone. Despite my difference of opinion, I can get along with people who would oppose and ridicule me. I can get along with people of different worldviews and religions. Sometimes I’ll have way more in common with someone who doesn’t know the seven laws yet lives in my vicinity than someone else who knows of, accepts and keeps the seven. Hell, I have a christian wife and have pretty good relationships with members of the church she goes to (even those I despise what they teach).

You see, as a non-Jew, I should never complain about being alone because most of the world is not Jewish. I should never complain about it unless I isolate myself. I did not join a religion, a distinct group of people, when I embraced God’s obligations for humanity. I don’t have commandments that necessarily segregates or separates me from the majority of others. The seven laws (and the other rational obligations for Gentiles) don’t separate people as the Jewish laws (and covenant) separates the Jewish people from all other nations.

Being amongst my “fellow Gentiles” I have many personal reasons to isolate myself. But there are many better reasons to integrate with them as much as I can, to learn from this experience and the people in it. It is an opportunity to learn and impact the world as a Gentile can. I can be challenged and learn the basis of a resolute and righteous position. I can make whatever difference I can, even if it is to and for myself. It’ll be an added bonus if I can help others and make a positive difference.

But I do all this as part of the Gentile world, not as some separate class or group.



  1. Hrvatski Noahid

    Thanks for your personal post. The 7 laws include the prohibition of fraternizing closely with idol worshipers and the prohibition of marrying an idolater. But I agree that sometimes you have more in common with someone who doesn’t know the seven laws. I love horror. When I share my love of horror literature, films, music and video games, I get condemnation. I never understood why. Fear is the strongest emotion of mankind. Fear is the very basis of Torah. Horror is the only art form that explores human fears. One does not have to follow the 7 laws to understand these truths.

  2. If consensus bespoke truth we would live in a cosmic madhouse: the universe popped out of nothing for no reason whatsoever; then a cluster of chemicals coagulated and mutated into human beings. Now, despite there being no objective teleology or meaning, thou shall not be racist, sexist, homophobic, transgender-phobic, islam-phobic, or pro-life. And thou must save the environment, ‘cuz da majority said so last week.
    This is not a caricature of what most “enlightened” secular types believe. You’re in good company by being (almost) alone. You’d have to be peaking on acid to believe the prior paragraph. When in doubt about your sanity, read TRR:
    Your blog is an inspiration. Please keep it up.

    • Wow. Great lyrics. Powerful way of putting it across. Thanks for your kindness, but great lyrics, man!

  3. Hrvatski Noahid

    To Balaamsdnky:

    Thanks for posting the link to The Redneck Rastafarian. His writing is outstanding. I hope he will allow public comments below his articles. (I contacted him with this suggestion)

    • That guy changed my life. I don’t think he’s still maintaining that site. I follow him on Free Republic, where his handle is Zionist Conspirator. He has his finger on the pulse: “I’ve got one and only one Jewish stereotype. It’s an uncouth, fanatical, rustic Theocratic warrior-shepherd hacking the heads off every Canaanite in sight because G-d told him to. I literally have no other picture beside the word ‘Jew’ in my internal dictionary.”

      • Wow. That guy is excellent in that article.

  4. Hrvatski Noahid

    Holy hell. Free Republic was founded in California. I am a Californian alumnus. I thought Commiefornia was lost!

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