Satisfied with evil

The thing about living in a secular society is that you’re free to practice any religion you want … well, any religion that doesn’t break the laws of the politicians. And that freedom to just keep the seven laws is alluring, is comforting, is … well, it’s nice to keep God’s law without persecution, right?

I feel that. I understand that. I live it day by day.

And yet …

It’s a secular society. You can keep any religion you want as long as it doesn’t break the laws of the ruling class.
You know what that means, right? In light of our most basic code of morality, right?

It means that that which the seven laws condemns is perfectly allowed and protected. It means that the additional prohibition against making up religions is trodden under foot. It means that aspects of the seven laws are broken or undermined or abrogated. It means that we do not live in a system that accords to seven laws but rather one that contradicts the laws.

I know. I know. Most people don’t know about the seven. It would be impossible right now for the seven laws to be kept as they should be, not just personal codes of morals, but as the basis for national and international law.

And that’s my problem.

Can I laud and praise a system that essentially sprinkles faeces over the seven laws system, even if it allows me to freely study God’s laws for humanity? Although I can be happy with this one merit or a number of merits, can I be glad about the freedom I have when it not only allows but also promotes the abandonment and undermining that which is of vital importance?

Speaking personally, I cannot be happy or glad with a system that, in effect, opposes the foundational aspects of my worldview. There will be and is a longing for something better and an inner rebellion against what currently.

My brother and I are currently in very different places in our lives. He is a devout christian whereas my current stance is necessarily anti-Jesus and anti-new-testament. Yet we are agreed in what we witness: people who are supposed to be adherents to either the Torah perspective or the new testament worldview, yet not just live with or put up with (out of purely practical necessity), but also praise, support and pledge willing uncoerced allegiance to the current secular system, a system which essentially rejects the fundamentals of divine revelation. 
I’ve seen people see a supposed shadow in the Jewish Bible, see something apparently similar in today’s system and then claim that it is based on Torah and act as if it is fully “kosher,” ok to give one’s backing to.

Yet where do our true allegiances lie? Where does my true allegiance lie? I’ve had a number of encounters with apparently religious Jews that causes me to plant my feet even more strongly in the stance that God’s law comes first, not just as a personal subjective belief system, not just as a personal standard where conflicting worldviews have equal claims to truth as mine, not as something I must keep private while the government and state runs “real life.” 

No, the Torah is the objective and God is the absolute. It is to be as real standard for international law and personal conduct. My task in life is to uphold God’s standards, not to support a system that craps all over that standard!



  1. Hrvatski Noahid

    One of the fathers of secular society is the German thinker Friedrich Nietzsche. His philosophy has two key doctrines. The first is the critique of religion and morality. The second is subjective value creation. I lived this philosophy. I saw that subjective values cannot replace objective religious truth.

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