The Role of Gentiles in Creation

A different perspective and an uplifing one on the role of a Gentile in the world. Please, take a look.

Rabbi Alan Betsalel Friedlander

The natural state of humankind is to be a Ben Noach. A gentile who observes the laws God gave Adam and Noah. The first 20 generations of humanity had no Jew among them. God made people the way He wanted them to be. But then He added a different role, that of the Jew later on. But if it wasn’t broke, why fix it?  How do we understand this?

Before Sinai, people kept making bad choices that precluded spirituality in a world without Torah. But the Torah demanded going beyond the normal service expected from humans. God gave Noah seven categories of commandments, approximately 60 laws in total. But the Torah has 613 commandments. The Torah was an upgrade to a world that in some ways was not ready for it. Yet, God knew most nations would not accept the Torah. Therefore, it was not God’s intention to make the spirituality…

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  1. Hrvatski Noahid

    I agree that the spiritual task at hand is the gentile’s main priority. Our 7 Commandments have no time limitations. We have the flexibility to do unique good deeds. We also learn about HaShem through the arts and sciences. If we learn new languages, we see that HaShem made a superior human mind which understands wholly unlike grammars. If we read literature, we learn that HaShem gave us fears which influence our lives. Finding G-d in worldly things is much harder for Jews.

    • “finding God in worldly things is much harder for Jews.” That was an interesting comment. What made you say it? Where did it come from? What was the reasoning?

      I enjoyed all of your comment.

  2. Hrvatski Noahid

    I meant that Jews do not have the time to explore this world. If you have 613 Commandments which include time limitations, you will not study the arts and sciences.
    This is one of the reasons I did not convert. I have other interests in addition to the Torah.
    I feel that I would have to give them up to be a good Orthodox Jew. And I do not wish to do so.

    • Good points. Everyone has their role.

    • That was an interesting point. It reminds me of a comment I had made to someone this past year. Not only are they restricted in time but in space as well. They just cannot go anywhere; we can go to any kind of restaurant for a meal and being there Hashem may give us the opportunity to do kindness or share something with someone. We can go to a Friday night football game with our neighbors. There is a lot of day to day living a gentile finds himself in places and times that a Jew cannot be there.

      Again for those who claim that the life of the 7 Laws are lacking has not done their due diligence into researching it.

  3. Hrvatski Noahid

    Thanks for posting the link to Rabbi Friedlander. I will read his other articles.

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