An Open Letter to a Potential “Ger” – by Jim

An impressive and better-written article than anything I’ve expressed.

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Dear Philip,

At the end of our lunch the other day, you excitedly informed me that you had discovered a new group of non-Jews that believe in the God of Israel and in the authority of the Torah, a group that calls themselves Gerim. I must have appeared stunned, for you asked immediately what was wrong, but, as we were about to part, I did not have time to explain. I had time only to issue a brief warning not to become too quickly involved with the Ger movement. I send this missive in order to explain that warning.

It is prudent before adopting any philosophy to investigate it to the limits of one’s ability. This is no less true with the claims made by Katz and Clorfene, the founders of the Ger movement. They claim to be teaching Torah, and since you already know the Torah to be true…

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  1. Hrvatski Noahid

    Within Torah Law there are acceptable differences of opinion regarding the details of the 7 commandments. But any non-Jew who follows Jewish commandments as a religious obligation violates the Torah Law prohibition of creating a new religion. There is nothing to discuss.

    • I wish it were taken on board so easily and simply. Unfortunately a lot of people want to feel as if they’re better than other Gentiles. They want to take bits of the Karaite philosophy, that because a term is not the Jewish Bible, it’s somehow lesser. They want ritual. They want to feel a bit Jewish. They get it all. Ego elevated.

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